DIY – You May Live A Much Longer Health-er Life

Source Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, author of Real Cause Real Cure said
It seems that many of ‘us’ home gardeners are no longer members of the 20 or even the 30 something generation. I have discovered that I ache in places I didn’t even know I had places a few years ago. Just last week I was afraid I was going to need to call 911 and have someone come to my garden to help me get off my knees! How frustrating that was.

Disclaimer I am not a doctor, what I have posted here was extracted from an interview with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum.

30,000 unnecessary deaths occur each year from arthritis medications. ibuprofen or the standard arthritis medication, kills 16,500 a year from bleeding ulcer caused by those medications and may double or triple your heart attack and stroke risk.

It may better to be on medication than to be in pain, but, there are natural remedies for arthritis that are much safer. End Pain, which is a mix of willow bark and boswellia, has shown to be twice as effective as ibuprofen. Also, Curamin and boswellia were found to be more effective than Celebrex. Rather than getting side effects, the natural remedies provide side benefits, such as decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and the risk of cancer.

People that avoid the sun at all costs probably results in tens of thousands of unnecessary cancer deaths each year. Most of the deadly skin cancers, called melanomas, are not in sun exposed areas. “They’re increasing because of poor immune function, from poor sleep, poor nutrition and other factors.”

Skin cancers caused by sunshine are usually not the dangerous kinds. Instead, sunshine is critical for vitamin D, an important hormone and vitamin. Without vitamin D, individuals can have an increased risk of breast cancer, autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis and diabetes. Avoid sunburn, not sunshine.

When it comes to thyroid screening methodology doctors use today, Teitelbaum said “doctors don’t understand what ‘normal’ means.” He says it means you’re not in the highest or lowest 2 percent of the population. People whose thyroid levels are in the low-normal range, versus high-normal, have a 69 percent increased risk of dying of heart attack. People with mild, low thyroid, where many doctors say we don’t need to treat it – if you do treat it, your heart attack risk goes down by more than 30 percent.”

Patients treated for mild to low thyroid often see increased energy levels, weight loss, healthier skin and hair, among other benefits.

Just for the fun of it.
Dr. Manny Alrarez, are there any health benefits to drinking beer? Which beers are the ‘healthiest’? – Brian

Beer has several surprising health benefits. Despite beer’s bad reputation, it actually has a number of natural antioxidants and vitamins that can help prevent heart disease and even rebuild muscle. It also has one of the highest energy contents of any food or drink. Of course, this means you need to set limits, one beer gets you going, four makes you fat.

Worried about dehydration? Don’t worry. Keep in mind that beer is 93 percent water. Also, according to a Spanish study, beer may actually provide better hydration than H2O(water) alone when you’re sweating it out under the sun.

For health benefits, a dark beer is the better choice. Dark beers tend to have the most antioxidants, which help reverse cellular damage that occurs naturally in the body. A recent study published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture has also found that dark beer has higher iron content compared to lighter beers.

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  1. Just last week I was afraid I was going to need to call 911 and have someone come to my garden to help me get off my knees! How frustrating that was.

    Did you do the old man groan too 🙂


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