Spring Has Sprung! – Gardening Soon To Be A full Time Chore!

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It looks like spring has arrived and we are nearing our last ‘normal’ frost date, April 10. Time for a photo album of my finished winter projects and a look at my upcoming spring/summer garden project list.

Trailer mover

Trailer mover

This handy dandy gadget was designed and built by me for my son-n-law1.0. It will attach and pull any bumper pull trailer, 2 5/16 ball goose neck or 5th wheel trailer. Notice near the bottom the 4 inch by 6 inch timber that can be raised or lowered to line-up with a car or truck bumper so you can push it around if and when you need to do so. It will also be used to drag our Re-worked 1946 – model FBB John Deere grain drill.

Speaking of Grain Drill, this is our repaired John Deer – 1946 model FBB grain drill. Only thing that remains to do is giving it a good paint job using an industrial quality John Deere green paint. Our firs planting project it to {over seed} drill in about 8 – 10 acres of native pasture grass to supplement fresh grass for son-n-law1.0 small longhorn herd. His guard donkey will get his share as well.

1946 JD model FBB grain drill

1946 JD model FBB grain drill

Pig pen has been finished, pig shed, shade, water system, self-feeder are all in working order. Now all we need is someone to shovel pig dung everyday, and to spread it in my garden plot after it has been composted with a bit of cow dung and grass/hay bedding from our cow barn.

Pick-up bed livestock pen

Pick-up bed livestock pen

By the way, the new additions, a 6 month old black and white steer named ‘Trouble’ and a 2 month old red heifer named ‘Tuesday’ are healthy and growing well. It seems like White Butt and Little Red longhorn cows, Blackie, longhorn herd bull and Jack donkey never pull their heads out of the hay bail. They are eating a 1,000 to 1,200 pound bail of hay every 20 to 25 days.

The 4 pullets I got back the first week of October 2012, have all started laying, really nice brown colored eggs. My 3 {3 year} old Bantam hens are still laying, not a lot but they are so small it’s not worth the effort to process them to make chicken soup. Grin .. I guess they will just die of old age and then become catfish and crayfish food.

The new automatic fish feeder has been installed and times have been set. It feeds at 1pm every day. Maybe with an automatic feeder those catfish will grow a little faster and by mid summer we can start harvesting a few fish for a 4th of July fish fry. I haven’t see them but I’m sure that the Red Ear perch are OK. Red Ears are not top feeders so you never see then feeding on the surface like the catfish do.

Ooops. I had to rework my hay bail lift and mover. It is a tractor 3 point attachment to allow us to easily handle those large round bails of hay. Long story short, I had the lift forks to wide and the hay bail tried to fall between the lift forks. That problem has been rectified and it seems to work fine now. As with many of my projects it serves a duel purpose. By putting a pallet on the lift forks it serves as a carry all attachment as well.

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13 responses to “Spring Has Sprung! – Gardening Soon To Be A full Time Chore!

  1. I keep thinking Spring is on its way in the UK, only to be met with more snow and hail. I think Spring is late here this year, too early to start work in the vegetable beds.


    • It’s still early for us as well. Last ‘normal’ frost date id the 10th of April, so we can get another frost between then and now, but with just a little protection most garden plantings will survive a light frost. My WX guy is not calling for another frost in his long range forecast, but … Grin … sometimes he gets it wrong!

      Hope to hear more about your UK garden


  2. Oh I am so jealous your season starts so soon. We still have four feet of snow on the ground and our last frost is May 30th. I can’t even start seedlings indoors for another two to four weeks! 😦


    • It’s still only the middle of march, and we may still have a few nights down near freezing, but it is unlikely we will get another hard frost or freeze. I hope you see a warm up and an early planting time for your area.
      Smiley tomato faces


  3. thanks for a peak into your farm


  4. Sounds like you’ve been having a productive winter 🙂


  5. Sounds like things are hopping around your place!


  6. Man, we can’t wait for gardening this year! We got our little plants already growing in their seed pots, getting bigger every day!


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