Spider Identification And Control – Updated repost

2013 spring and summer will soon bring out all the insects and spiders that managed to survive winter weather. Our mild winter has allowed many more adult spiders to survive this past winter and start breeding earlier than in most years.

If your are bitten by a spider, seek medial treatment as soon as possible, the longer you wait the more tissue damage is caused by the spiders venom. Try to take the spider ‘dead or alive’ to hospital with you. It is important that the medical staff know what kind of spider you were bitten by to provide you with the proper treatment.

Spiders – In U.S. gardens and even to be found in your home, there are at least 12 spiders that are Dangerous and Venomous?. It will be to your benefit to know how to identify and avoid these spiders. Their bits range from simply painful to down right dangerous to your health.

Natural no dangerous chemical spider control: The easiest way to control / eliminate spiders in and around your garden and home is to * get rid of their food supply! Spiders do not become established in areas that have no or few insects for them to eat.
* Keep leaf, brush piles and compost piles well away from your home.
* Keep fire wood out of direct contact with the soil and well away from your home.
* Turn on outdoor lighting only when ‘really’ needed and change standard bulbs for the yellow lights that do not attract insects. Lights will attract insects and insects attract spiders!
* Check and if needed replace door sweeps. Almost all spiders gain entry into your home from poorly fitted and sealed doors and windows.

Natural{sort-a} spider controls. Disclaimer Tobacco juice is a poison! It will kill ‘All’ insects that it comes in contact with. Use with Caution.

Spider Control Hints and Tips
A tip from Jerry Baker, a Master Gardener. Get a package of pipe or chewing tobacco, soak it in a gallon of boiling water until it cools. Strain the liquid into a clean container. Put a cup of tobacco juice and 1/2 cup lemon dish soap into a hose end sprayer and spray. I did this at our house two years ago and have been practically spider free since. This works on all kinds of bugs.

Helen said “Spiders have their taste buds on the tips of their legs. They also hate the taste of lemon pledge. Dust your windowsills and door frames with the pledge, both inside and out, and any areas where they accumulate. The spiders will find that they don’t want to live with you.”

Judy said “The fruit from the bois d’arc tree or also known as osage orange tree (the fruit we call horse apples) are a great repellant for spiders. But If you access to them, try quartering the apples and place one quarter in each corner of a room. The spiders just disappear. I used this when we moved into a house that had been unoccupied for a year and the spiders were in total residence. Within a week, they had all left!”

Side note, any effective treatment for spiders is also effective on scorpion’s.

Dangerous and Venomous Spider Identification Chart

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5 responses to “Spider Identification And Control – Updated repost

  1. I might just have to start chewing tobacco and spitting it all around the house. 😉


  2. That picture gave me the heebie-jeebies when it appeared in my blog reader…! I accidentally found out that “Classic lemon Flash” (a cleaner that is probably UK-only) kills a spider surprisingly quickly when necessary.


    • Re: NorthernMonkeyGirl Thanks for visiting my Tiny blog
      I use a concentrated disinfectant cleaner I get at Sams cub. 1 gallon cost $8.00 and when properly mixed makes 32 gallons cleaner. It is lemon scented and kills almost all spiders, ants and other insects on contact.
      Happy spider free summer gardening


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