Uninvited House Guest! Or It’s ‘Almost’ Spring Time In Oklahoma!

Blue butt pigs

Blue butt pigs

My daughter said that she was going by our local farmers coop feed store this morning. I was told by a local farmer that the coop feed store had some cattle range cubes that had got wet on sale for $5.00 for a 50 pounds bag. 21 percent protein range cubes normally sell for very near $15.00 for a 50 pound bag.
I told daughter1.0 to pickup a 1,000 pounds, 20 sacks, of range cubes to be fed to our 2 feeder pigs. That should last until the end of May when they will be sent off to be processed. They will 6+ months old and will be pushing 300 pounds each by the last of May or first week of June. Any left over feed will go into our new born longhorn steer and heifer calf’s feeder. And no he was not born a steer, grin … but he is a steer now!
When she returned, much to my surprise, she also had 2 bronze turkey chicks and 2 pearl guinea chicks. I was not ready for any new poultry! So after searching my shed and other places, I found an old small cage with a plastic bottom. After I washed and sterilized the cage, cleaned a spot on a bookcase for the cage, located and installed a light with a 100 watt bulb on top of said cage to keep the birds warm. At this age they need to be kept in a spot that is near 95 degrees. O-Guess what, I had no idea where I had put my chick water container or chick feeder last time I used them!
After 2 hours of searching, washing and sterilizing equipment the chicks are now safe and warn under a heat lamp on the top shelf of a bookcase. The turkeys will be ready to process and be wrapped and put in freezer for, … Grin … or BBQ pit smoker about the 4th of July.

The guineas will get a free ride! I don’t like the taste of guinea, so, they will be used as bug control in my garden.

Moral to this story is “Never allow your daughter in a farm store when the store has chicks for sale!”

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10 responses to “Uninvited House Guest! Or It’s ‘Almost’ Spring Time In Oklahoma!

  1. Daughter and Son-In-Law 1.0? I love that! Way too cool.
    Better not let me anywhere near your daughter or that feed store, else you’ll have a lot more poultry to deal with…and puppies…kittens…lambs…Seriously, who could resist baby chicks! Not me! I might have forgotten the feed to bring home the babies!
    Good for you, Dad, for not tossing a fit, and for finding a safe home for those little babies.


    • Re: schmoozelfleugen – With the cost of gas on the rise again forgetting what you went after is not an option. Who can afford to make 2 trips to town? This place is almost like a mini-zoo. Standard size and bantam chickens, turkeys, guineas, 2 feeder pigs, 1 steer, 1 heifer longhorn calf, 2 longhorn cows, 1 longhorn bull and 1 guard donkey. That does not include my 3 dogs, daughters and son-n-las1.0’s several dogs and 2 macaw birds.


  2. I had fun reading this and am glad it was you and not me who had to scramble to get the critters comfortable. But I understand your daughter. Who can resist little chicks?


  3. @ pobept The local hatchery I use sexes their chicks thankfully so aside from errors in the sexing I shouldn’t have extra roosters. If I do however they’ll get processed with my old layers this fall then.. I know that day will wind up being a long cold one, but it doesn’t bother me. Silver and I stripped a deer in 5 minutes so. It shouldn’t be hard for us.


  4. I made the mistake of going into a feed store with 3 kids during the time chicks were out. That’s how I first wound up with a mixed bag of chickens instead of just the types I wanted. This time it’s not going to happen the new chicks (when I order them) will be just the ones I want.


    • Re: rivenfae- Grin … It seems that chicks and kids just don’t mix well.
      I only get about 4 pullets a year, so I find it better for me to pay a bit more for sexed chicks from my farm store than to order in a lot of chicks many of them will need processed for the freezer in a few weeks. I’m just not up to processing 10 or 15 chickens (roosters) any more.
      Happy scrambled egg and fried chicken spring time gardening.


  5. thatoldschoolgirl

    Moral to this story is “Never allow your daughter in a farm store when the store has chicks for sale!”

    You are lucky you have a daughter that will go to the co-op.


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