Kitchen Witch – Herbs In The Garden And Kitchen

assorted herbs planted in a Strawberry pot

assorted herbs planted in a Strawberry pot

No kitchen or garden will long survive without herbs. Herbs have been have been used for thousands of years by witches to cast both evil and good spells. Used to treat and cure almost every aliment know to man. Herbs have been used to purify the air. And of course to enhance the smell and taste of food.

Many herbs used in modern day cooking can be found growing wild along the Mediterranean Seas southern European coast. That means they are cold and heat hardy and drought tolerant and will thrive with little care.

While circling must have garden seeds in your seed catalogs and drawing out your summer garden on your Big Chief note pad with your new purple crayola, don’t forget to include an assortment of herbs you like to cook with. Many herbs are perennials and need to be planted once and replanted or seldom propagated.

Hint Plant the herbs that you actually use. No need for a large container of Sage if you seldom or never use sage in your kitchen.

One large container can be planted with more than 1 herb plant. Consider planting 2 or 3 different type herbs in a large container. Just be sure to consider plant water needs before mixing plants. Don’t mix things like the heat and dry soil loving Rosemary with the moist soil loving Basil.

My herb garden is mostly Sage, 3 types of Thyme, Rosemary, 2 kinds of Oregano and Basil. I do also plant red white and yellow onions (harvest while small, young and very tender and tasty). You may also want a small patch of garden fresh garlic as well. I do use a few other different herbs from time to time in my cook pot, but, for the few times a year I use these herbs, I just buy bottled, dry herbs or a small bunch of fresh herbs from my supermarket.

I’m not a real fan of any of the Mint family, however Mint should be considered even if not used in making teas or in your cook pot, it does have a pleasing smell when crushed and used in your home as a room deodorizer.

Mint, keep it in a pot! Do Not plant directly in garden soil

Mint, keep it in a pot! Do Not plant directly in garden soil

Warning Mint can take over your garden. Keep it well contained in it’s very own sturdy pot.

Recommended reference: Herbs in a pot. No not that herb or that kind of pot! Growing Herbs in the Home Garden by West Virginia University.

Not from the U.S.A. Leave a comment telling us about your home town and country.

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2 responses to “Kitchen Witch – Herbs In The Garden And Kitchen

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  2. I love having a herb garden. I pick and dry herbs when they’re at their best as well as using them fresh. And you’re right about mint! It wants to go everywhere!


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