Egg Producers And Egg Users Unions Sign New Contract

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The {Chickens Lay Mo Eggs} CLME union and the {Consumers Fry Scramble Eggs} CFSE unions have signed a ground breaking agreement. In short it this agreement assures the CLME union that as long as they continue to lay Mo eggs, the Home Owners {consumers} union will not convert laying hens into fresh homemade chicken noddle soup.

My remaining bantam hens 3 out of the original 6 birds , now over 3 years old, have been on strike. I haven’t had an egg almost 2 weeks. Today they all decided to start laying again. I had 3 eggs when I went to the hen house to feed and water my chicken flock. I also have 4 standard size {assorted breeds} pullets that will start laying in mid March.
When all 7 birds are laying I will be getting about 3 1/2 dozen (42 or 43) eggs a week. More than enough eggs to feed me and my daughters family all the eggs we can stand to eat and still have enough to share with in-laws and out-laws.

My local farm and ranch feed store will start getting in this years chicks about the first week of March, So it will soon be time to get another 6 pullets. From hatching to laying their first egg takes 24 to 26 weeks. {About 6 months.}
The answer is Yes, I do pay a bit of a premium price for sexed chicks. But it is worth paying a premium price to be assured all my chicks are pullets. I have no need for roosters.
Unlike some flock owners, I really don’t care that much what color the eggs are.
Hint With that said, if you want or need your flock to lay brown eggs, look very carefully at the chicks ears. Chicks with brown ears will lay brown eggs, and as such chicks with white-ish colored ears will lay white eggs.

If your considering replacing a few of your hens or better yet starting a laying flock in your backyard. Now is the time to decide how many pullets and what breed(s) you want to have in your backyard flock. Just don’t forget that 1 chicken will lay 1 egg about every 27 hours, 7 days a week. 1 good hen will lay 6 eggs every week for many months.

I have said this many times but will say it again. You Do Not Need A Rooster for your hens to produce eggs. Unless you just want to drive your neighbors crazy with a rooster that may start crowing as early as 3 or 3:30AM, Do Not get a rooster.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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6 responses to “Egg Producers And Egg Users Unions Sign New Contract

  1. I did not know that hen can lay eggs without roosters. Interesting article 🙂


  2. Is that true about the ears??? I always experienced that red chickens laid brown eggs and white chickens lay white eggs. But then I was fairly young when we had a 100 chickens.


  3. I learned about roosters the hard way. Finally when I couldn’t stand the 3:00 a.m. wake up call anymore, I decided that I’d have to put the axe to work that evening. It was sure quiet the next day.


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