Fresh Off The Press, From My – Department Of ‘For What It’s Worth’

It’s coming upon the second week of February and spring can’t be far behind. If I don’t get started spreading pig and cow dung and a bit of old livestock bedding and chicken litter and tilling it in, I will soon find myself running into the planting season and my garden will not be prepared for setting out seedlings and direct seeding garden plants.

Middle Buster

Middle Buster

I found a new CountryLine brand, middle buster (sometimes called a potato plow) for $129.95 at my local Tractor Supply Store and at that price I would be hard pressed to buy the materials and build one for much of a savings.

It will be good to bust up this hard clay soil so I can follow up with my rototiller to work all the manure and compost into my garden soil and leave the soil loose enough I can use the middle buster to plow in furrows and have, kind-a, sort-a straight rows. Then I can use my tiller to cultivate between the rows in my garden this spring and summer.

Son-n-law needs to borrow my pickup-truck to go and get 2 round bails of hay, So, Saturday he will go by Tractor Supply store and pick up my new ‘Man’ toy! Not to be confused with Gina Lollobrigida’s Toy Boy!

I would like a wider row spacing, but, the tractor I have access to is set with 52 inch rear wheel spacing, allowing me to make 26 inch row spacings. Using an old dryland farm trick, I will plant skip row. 2 in one out, meaning I will plant 2 side by side rows then skip 1 row before planting the third and fourth row. This helps conserve rain water and allows me easy access to the side by side planted rows.

I will still keep the four or five 3ft X 3ft raised beds to plant root crops like radishes, beets, garlic, onions and carrots that do not do well in tight clay soil.

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2 responses to “Fresh Off The Press, From My – Department Of ‘For What It’s Worth’

  1. Farmers definitely are good at planning ahead.


  2. I can’t wait til gardening season either. Our raised garden bed we built last year is completely covered under snow at the moment. (how sad)


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