Winter Citrus Fruit And Fresh Vegetables – Prices Skyrocket – Strawberrys Are Good For You

Source Cold snap causes crop damage
frozen-oranges Get your frozen Orange Juice, Fresh off the tree!

A cold front moving across California and Arizona has damaged citrus crops and fresh green vegetable crops.
Nevada, the temperature in Ely plummeted to 24 below zero early Monday and wind chills were expected to drop to near 40 below into Tuesday.
A cold snap that has California farmers struggling to protect the $1.5 billion citrus crop.
The price for a carton of lettuce in Yuma two weeks ago was $7 to $8. As of Monday, it cost around $20 per carton.

It seems that the American farmer can’t get a break. First the flooding or droughts now unusually cold weather. Whats next?

Good for your health

Good for your health

Berries cut women’s heart attack risk
A new study suggests regularly eating lots of strawberries and blueberries may be good for women’s hearts. The results show that women who ate high amounts of compounds called anthocyanins, most commonly through eating strawberries and blueberries were 32 percent less likely to have a heart attack over a two decade period compared with women who consumed low amounts of the compounds.

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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6 responses to “Winter Citrus Fruit And Fresh Vegetables – Prices Skyrocket – Strawberrys Are Good For You

  1. out here in California, water transfers to the central valley allowed for strawberry fields to spring up all along Hwy 99. Strawberries got so cheap, I didn’t bother to plant any last summer – water for residential gardeners got expensive! So, I bought them by the crate and froze them – I cut them in half and laid them in a ziplock bag, spraying each layer with lemon juice. Now, in January, they are fantastic. I thaw them a little and put them in my cereal or a yogurt smoothie. I can use them for baking, they make a great “upside/down cake”, just substitute chopped strawberries for pineapple.

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    • Thanks for taking time to visit my humble blog and for your comment(s).

      I think that for people that are lucky enough to live where they have access to off the farm fresh berries, fruit and vegetables. It is often much cheaper to buy than to grow this produce.
      It takes more space, time, water and fertilizer to establish a berry patch or small orchard than most of us can afford to invest to produce enough excess to allow us to harvest, process and store for the winter months.

      Productive 2015 Gardening

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      • Here in my northern California town, pensions are driving up the cost of everything. If a person has their own well, they’re fine. But as soon as you hook your property up to Cal Water (whose management salaries are over $100,000/year and managers pay nothing toward 70 percent pensions) you are paying upward rates starting at a dollar a ccf. That’s nothing if all you do is wash dishes/laundry, shower, flush the toilet – but as soon as you add a berry patch or an orchard, your bill gets kind of shocking. Our Summer bills get over $100, and we do everything we can. So, like you say, we pick and choose what we grow depending on what is available locally.

        Ironically, water transfers to the waterless central valley simultaneously drive up my rates while providing those farmers with water to grow those cheap strawberries. What a conundrum! (I love using that word)

        But, I got a big bag of frozen strawberries in my freezer, I try to look at things a day at a time. And, I got so many peaches off my trees last Summer (due to a cold, dry winter), I was pitting and filling freezer bags for a week, and I still got two of those bags stashed away! I freeze those in halves with the skin on, and as they thaw, the skin just slips off like a rubber cap, and I always suck the good stuff off of it before I drop it in the compost bucket! It’s “ooooooo-eeeeee!” good.

        Thank you God, for letting me live another day! And thanks for Town and Country Gardening – you’re always there when I’m troubling over something Po! Helps me think! Thanks!

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        • Your very welcome

          I’m afraid with our ever increasing population and more and more moving to town, water, rights and usage will soon become a very big issue.

          Happy safe 2015


  2. marieandtheappletree

    Oh my god what an amazing photo! Today I was reading green tea and milk thistle have compounds that can reverse the effects of UV skin damage 🙂 Australian farmers are tipping their citrus harvests on the ground, as the increasing popularity of ‘sports drinks’ are replacing the good old water and fruit breaks I used to have. Further we are inundated with US citrus during our summer. Farmers can’t win!


  3. I clicked Like, but I really don’t like the prices to go up.


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