Backyard Poultry Flock From Scratch – Chicken Coops And More

This years poultry hatchlings will soon be arriving at your local feed and farm stores. If you only want a few hens for egg production it it better to pay a premium for sexed birds. Generally you can not find sexed ducks, geese or turkeys and must settle for straight run and hope you get a few females out of the deal. Wing feather Sexing Day Old Chicks
Unless you have a need for fertile eggs, a rooster is not need and should be avoided. Pullets(hens) and ducks are fairly quiet and gentle birds. Roosters, geese and turkeys are loud and can become very aggressive birds.

Back Yard Chickens has a lot of useful and not so useful information. The best thing about this site is that it has many pictures and free plans for building brooders, chicken coop’s and chicken runs.

Hint: What ever your building, make it covenant for ‘You’ to access. To clean, gather eggs and so on without the need to stoop low or crawl around on your hands and knees.
Make all gates and doors wide enough to get your wheel barrow in and out of the hen house and chickens runs.
Use salvage (recycle) windows and doors from home remodel projects.

Choosing the best coop wire. 1X1 or 1X2 welded wire is a much better choice. 1/2X1/2 utility wire is also a good choice. They cost a bit more but in the long run will be a cheaper and better choice. Poultry netting will rust and become useless in just a few years and is not as effective in keeping small chicks in nor is it a big obstacle to keep determined animals like cats, dogs, coyote, fox or racoon’s out of your hen house.

Hint: Use a light dimmer switch to control your heat lamp in your brooder. This makes setting and weekly readjustments in brooder temperature much easier. 2 heat sources on a light dimmer are much better than 1 heat lamp. If your light bulb burns out on a cold day/night you can loose all your chicks to the cold.
Medicated Chick Starter is much more expensive but well worth the added cost to get your chicks off to a healthy start in life. After the first 2 or 3 weeks you can start feeding chicken crumbles or lay mash.
Do Not feed medicated chicken feed to ducks, geese or turkeys. Start them out on chicken crumbles or lay mash.

Do Not mix chickens and baby turkeys. Chicks can carry diseases that do not harm chickens but will kill your turkeys. It is OK to mix your turkeys with ducks or geese.

Hint: If you have 4 foot tall poultry runs fencing keep your birds wing flight feathers clipped short to prevent them from flying over your poultry run fence.

You are their last line of defense from predictors. Close your hen house securely ‘every’ night after your flock has gone to roost. Use good quality snap hooks and latches. A determined dog, fox, coyote or raccoon will soon defeat a cheap latch or poorly latched door.

** Chick Brooder ** for up to about 6 chicks.
Here’s a few sample brooders and chicken coops with building plans. Check out the main website Back Yard Chickens for many more pictures and plans.

Raise Baby Chicks – The First 60 Days
Jbarichivich Homemade Plastic box brooder
Wolfscout’s Homemade Plastic box chicken brooder

shit it cost 1800 dollars

Manufactured coop and run about $1,800.00

** Chicken Coops **
La cage mahal Estimated cost is {grinning} only about $1,050.00 construction cost. I think you can build your coop for much less than this eye pleasing hen house/coop.
Trictles chicken coop with plans

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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2 responses to “Backyard Poultry Flock From Scratch – Chicken Coops And More

  1. Thank you Great Post. And thanks for the visit to Doowans News&Events Chicken/Rabbit it’s tempting. I heard that one can not live on rabbit meat only. Not enough fat. Do you know if this is true? Again Thank you!


    • Smiling .. not being a doctor or trained in nutritional requirements for humans I really don’t know how much animal fat a person needs to eat to remain healthy. But, rabbit meat is a good meat source and is not totally fat free. Do Not forget that you do consume {some} fats when you eat or cook dairy products. I know people that avoid animal fat eating almost nothing but vegetables!

      Happy gardening,


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