Rabbits for Fun, Profit and Food – Hutch or Cage – Whats My Best Choice?

bass-wood-rabbit-hutch Rabbit cages and hutches can be purchased and may be a better option if you plan to keep only 1 or 2 rabbits. Or if you do not have the ability and tools needed to construct a hutch project. Wire cages are a good option if you live in mild climates, however if you live where your winters are very cold or summers get near 100 degrees keeping your rabbits warm in winter and cool in summer is an important consideration.

Source Bass Cages and Hutches Basic Rabbit Hutch Construction Instruction
bass-rabbit-hutches1 What ever cage size you choose you will want to make the wooden rabbit hutch 1″ deeper and wider to allow the cage to easily slide inside.When cutting your ply wood sides you will need to angle them to give the roof a 4″ slope towards the back. Also be sure to cut your roof panel so that you will have 4″ of over hang in the front and roughly 1″ on the sides and back.
Use 2″x2″ boards for the legs and cage supports. Remember your back legs will also need to be 4″ shorter to allow the roof to slope towards the back. Screw the ply wood sides and back to the legs. Use a 2″x2″ board between the sides in the front opening. Attach 2″x2″ boards on the inside parallel to the bottom of the ply wood sides to slide the cage in on. Place the roof on and screw to top of four legs.Paint or stain with a non-toxic product to protect against weather. Add shingles, tin, plastic, or a type of water resistant material to the roof. Slide assembled cage inside and you have a low budget do it your self wooden rabbit hutch.
Cage can easily be removed and used anywhere. Also allows for easy cleaning and any maintenance that may need to be done over time.

The all-metal rabbit cage hutch that fits in your wooden rabbit hutch structure is available in 3 sizes, is specially designed to accept a dropping pan. Available with standard metal pans or our tough ABS plastic pans. Overall height is 18″, with actual cage inside height 16″.

condo-rabbit-hutch Grin .. If you plan on your rabbits to be pets, or raising rabbits for the pet market, you may want to opt for a high rise rabbit condominium.

A few things to consider ‘Before’ you build/buy a rabbit cage or hutch.
* Where will I locate my rabbit hutch? Even 1 rabbit makes a lot of manure.
* Will water in water bottles freeze in winter? Water trough may be better choice than a water bottle.
* Where and how will I store my rabbit feed and hay? Keeping mice/rats and insects out of your rabbit feed is ..important.
* Will my rabbits be safe from predators? Cats, dogs, snakes, coyotes, fox will all kill and eat your ..rabbits.

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4 responses to “Rabbits for Fun, Profit and Food – Hutch or Cage – Whats My Best Choice?

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  2. I’ve been reading several of your posts. You write about the exact things I am interested in and I’m glad you visited my blog so I found you because I can tell from visiting yours I can learn a lot. My husband and I live in south central Kansas and try to raise as much of our own food as we can, mainly just because it is fun and a healthy hobby. But also because we think life is about to get very “interesting” in the next couple years. We have six children and their spouses who we have not been able to convince should have an emergency supply of food. Between them they have given us seventeen wonderful grandchildren. That is a lot of people that we love! So that also comes into play. Every year or so, we add something new. Last year it was a dairy goat for milk and just in the past couple months we’ve added rabbits. We start out knowing nothing but with lots of reading I manage to learn what I’m doing. I tell my husband that when we start out with a new adventure and make a mistake or two that we are in our “learning curve” and the knowledge we are gaining is invaluable! We got our rabbits at an auction held each month in Amish Country close to Hutchinson, Kansas. We could tell they were very healthy but had no idea what we were looking for or what breeds to get. We got (from what I can tell from the pictures in books) a New Zealand Doe and Buck, and a Dutch Doe. Is the dutch breed a decent meat rabbit or are they too small? Can the Dutch doe be bred by the New Zealand Buck or is it too large and could cause birthing issues? Just a couple questions I have. Sorry this turned into a novel.


    • Re Norma – Thanks for taking time to visit my humble little blog.
      Just my opinion, but, I am not a fan of the Dutch breed. They are easily excited and get stressed out and often die due to stressful conditions. Something as simple as hearing a dog barking can cause them to have a stress induced heart attack and die. They are not as a rule, good mothers, They tend to have smaller litters and will often abandon a litter or even eat her young.
      I don’t think breeding a dutch doe to a New Zealand buck will be a ‘size’ problem. In my opinion the red New Zealand’s are a better choice for small backyard operation. The red’s seem to have fewer health problems than the whites. Black New Zealander’s are also a good choice if you live where summer temperatures seldom reach into the 100’s or you have a air conditioned rabbit shed/building. DebMark has a lot of well presented, easy to understand information on rabbits. Highly recommended reading..
      Happy Holiday Season


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