2013 Farm And Ranch – Fresh To Your Table – And Some Fun Stuff

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Idaho potato

Potato Harvest

Inspite the skyrocketing cost of fuel, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and seed cost the American Farmer still supplies our nation with an abundance of High Quality Safe Foods at a price that is the envy of every country on earth.

Take a look in your refrigerator, freezer and pantry. Think of all the things your would not have without our hard working farmers and ranchers. Yes, I do know what it cost to go to the supermarket and how much it cost to feed a family! Still with all that said, you can feed your family high quality, safe foods for less money than any other county on earth.

Yes farming and ranching is a business. Farmers and ranchers deserve to make a living profit from their business just like walmart or apple does from their business ventures. Unlike farmers walmart is not effected by mother natures wrath. Floods, droughts, insects attacks. Unlike a fresh ripe tomato, an unsold computer does not spoil on a display shelf unsold!
Don’t forget to thank a farmer for the food you put on your table. For Feeding America.

Did you know that it takes a farmer/rancher feeding, watering, caring for a new born calf, 30 to 36 months to reach market weight?
Did you know it requires 4 to 10 acres per cow to free range a cow on grass pasture from birth to market weight?
Did you know that of all the beef produced in the US, less than 2% is USDA certified as Prime. USDA grading system determines the quality rating of beef based upon a very complicated inspection system which essentially measures the amount of marbling (fat specs) in the ribeye muscle (lean) portion and combines the maturity (age) of the beef carcass to arrive at the inspected grade quality.
Did you know, higher the ratio of marbling and the younger the beef, the higher the grade? It is the fat marbling that determines tenderness, juiciness and flavor. The age of the beef determines beef texture and also effects flavor.
Younger beef produces a finer texture and a lighter red color.

prime ribeye steaks

prime ribeye steaks

USDA Prime Grade has the highest rating of a combined high ratio of marbling with the youngest maturity of beef. That’s why prime is the most flavorful and most tender with the finest of texture.
Did you know USDA grade Prime beef ribeye steak sells for $20 to $35 dollars a pound and can sell for double that price if it is also Dry Aged?

Did you know that a farmer may have 4 million dollars or sometimes much more, invested in land, tractors, tillage equipment, harvesting equipment to plant, grow and harvest food and fiber(cotton) to feed and cloth your family?

Did you know a farmed gets paid 5 to 8 cents a pound for his wheat crop?
Did you know a farmers/rancher gets paid about $1.00 a pound at livestock markets for his 2 1/2 – 3 years invested in feeding, growing and caring for his cows?

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Why is common sense so uncommon?
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2 responses to “2013 Farm And Ranch – Fresh To Your Table – And Some Fun Stuff

  1. An issued related to the accumulated assets that are required in farming (the $4M you refer to) is the inheritance tax issues. We might think that someone inheriting a few million in stocks and suburban houses can afford to divest some of that for inheritance taxes, but farmers often are land rich, but cash poor. This is pushing more land either out of agriculture or at least into the control of agri-businesses and farm-investors (e.g. own and rent the land, but do not work it themselves).


  2. Hurray! Let’s hear it for farmers.


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