Everything Has A Season

I found this on another site, Author is unknown but I am re-posting it as a public service for home/backyard gardeners and those involved in raising small livestock.

young-pigs A farmer had five female pigs. Times were hard, so he decided to take them to the county fair and sell them. At the fair, he met another farmer who owned five male pigs. After talking a bit, they decided to mate the pigs and split everything 50/50. The farmers lived sixty miles apart. So they agreed to drive thirty miles each, find a field in which to let the pigs mate.

The first morning, the farmer with the female pigs got up at 5 A.M., loaded the pigs into the family station wagon, (which was the only vehicle he had) and drove the thirty miles. While the pigs were mating, he asked the other farmer, “How will I know if they are pregnant?”

The other farmer replied, “If they’re lying in the grass tomorrow morning, they’re pregnant. If they’re in the mud, they’re not.”

The next morning the pigs were rolling in the mud. So he hosed them off, loaded them into the family station wagon again and proceeded to try again. This continued each morning for more than a week and both farmers were worn out.

The next morning he was too tired to get out of bed. He called to his wife, “Honey, please look outside and tell me whether the pigs are in the mud or in the grass.”

Neither,” yelled his wife, “they’re in the station wagon and one of them is honking the horn.”

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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11 responses to “Everything Has A Season

  1. Great story! my I have your permission to send it around the world to my family? Sara


    • Re: Life Style Over 40 Thanks for visiting my little blog.
      Please feel free to share/send this or any other post you find on my blog with everyone you know.


  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    Thanks for the big smile.


  3. Reblogged this on silverbells steps out and commented:
    A lovely little story….


  4. This story did bring a smile to my face 🙂


  5. I like it. Just found your site, Will plan on keeping up. I went to Texas Tech in the mid to late 70’s. Never will forget the red dust storms.


    • Re: Donna Kirkpatrick – Thanks for taking time to visit my tiny blog. I hope you find some of my post useful, or at least laughable.
      Merry Christmas


  6. Ha ha! That’s a good one.


  7. That will put a smile on your face as you roar with laughter. Ellen from Georgia


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