Poultry For Your Backyard

wood-duck Poultry terms many gardeners just don’t care to know. For those of us that want or have a small poultry flock, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys or guinea fowl. Knowing and using the correct terms for poultry makes things much less confusing when talking to other small poultry flock owners.
Chickens Generally baby chickens are called chicks. Females are pullets and males are cockerels.
Adults females are hens and males are cock or rooster.
Turkeys Baby turkeys are called poults. Adult females are hens and males are called tom.
Ducks Baby ducks are called ducklings. Adult females are hens and males are called drake.
Geese Baby geese are called goslings. Adult females are called a goose or hen and males are called gander.
Guinea fowl Baby guineas are called keets. Adult females are called hens and males are called cocks.

Having a mixed flock of ducks and chickens is a good choice. Both can be fed the same feeds and both will consume a great number of insects. Ducks are good grazers and will feed on green weeds and grass. White pekin duck is your best choice for both egg production and as table birds. Roasted duck is a really nice change from a chicken or turkey meal.

Ducks are good layers and duck eggs can be used in any dish calling for eggs.
Ducks are gentle and quit. Grin .. they won’t wake your neighbors at the crack of dawn crowing.

Unlike chickens ducks will feed all through the night. Hint: Place an outdoor light in your duck pen, a bug zapper is even better about 6 feet off the ground to attract flying insects away from your home and garden plot. Your ducks and chickens will feast on the insects attracted to your outdoor light and or bug zapper. african-goose
Geese are good layers of large eggs. They are also fine tasty meat birds for your table. A nice change from a Christmas day turkey meal.

Geese are good grazers and will consume many weeds, seeds and insects. However they are loud honking birds that often become aggressive as adults. Not good around smaller birds, children or your neighbors. Geese are best confined in a coop and run reserved for your geese.
Feed them the same feed you feed your chickens and ducks. They are pretty birds, fun to watch and feed.

Turkeys are good layers of large eggs. The 2 most common turkeys are the broad breasted white turkey. Adult hens can be reach about 25 pounds and toms will mature at 45 pounds or more. This is the type most commonly grown for consumption during American holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

The bronze or broad breasted bronze are a good choice for the backyard flock. They look much like the American wild turkey, don’t get as large as the white turkeys and are an excellent table meat bird. bronze_turkey Adult hens will mature at about 25 pounds and toms will reach about 40 pounds.

Turkeys can be noisy birds and may become aggressive as adult birds. They are not good around strangers, children or near by neighbors.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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  1. what a stunningly beautiful bird. It almost look like a decoy!


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