Pig Parts and BBQ

This falls market pig (Curly Q. Pig) has just got home from the butcher shop. He was a barrow, not a boar and weighed about 40 pounds when I got him April 15, 2012. I had him on feed for 6 months (26 weeks) and his hanging weight was 233 pounds. That made his live weight about 385 pounds.

By free feeding, that is allowing him to eat all he wanted, when he wanted I managed a very nice 1.8 pounds a day of weight gain. That’s a very good daily weight gain averaged over 180 days.

My total invested in him was about $600.00. Feeder pig purchase cost $40.00, feed cost $312.00, fuel to transport to and from butchers $58.00, processing fees (kill, cutting and vacuum wrapping) at 54 cents a pound and a curing fee of 80 cents a pound for 25 pounds of bacon. That totaled up to $195.82. My total cost was about $2.60 a pound for a freezer ready pig.

At $2.60 a pound, that’s not cheap but cheaper than supermarket price and most importantly I know how he was raised and what he was fed.
No growth hormones nor was he shot full of antibiotics.
He was raised on corn chops, alfalfa hay, pig finisher feed that contains the needed vitamins and minerals for a healthy pigs growth. By keeping fresh clean water, clean bedding in his shed, keeping him cool and out of a mud wallow (I use a fresh water over head misting system) in the summer and keeping him warm in cold weather I had a very nice healthy pig at market time.

Before you ask, I’m not big fan of cured ham so I had what is normally cured as ham’s cut into 3/4 inch thick ‘ham’ steaks for frying, broiling or to be put on the BBQ grill.

Grin ….. The telephone bracket has nothing to do with pigs, but, it does save me a lot of hassle wondering where I have left my cell phone when I hear it ringing! Being a retired welder by trade, of course I build things out of steel. A small wooden desk top or wall mounted phone station would be an easy project to most people should you decide you just can’t live without a cell phone holder/charging station of your very own.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is Common Sense so Uncommon?

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7 responses to “Pig Parts and BBQ

  1. Oh! I don’t think I could eat him after naming him. Haha. But then I do love bacon.


  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    So that’s what Curly Q. Pig looks like when he’s all dressed up?


  3. I would love to do this and it especially makes sense to know that he’s free of antibiotics and whatever other things they’re injected with. I might get too attached though.


    • Re: carolinafit – Thanks for finding time to visit my tiny blog. Your right, now days what with I call factory livestock feeding, you just don’t know what all they have been injected with. Grin … Never, never name your food if you tend to get attached to them!
      Happy Halloween


  4. You’re right. It’s not cheap to raise the pig and do all that work yourself, but it’s good to know how it was raised and these days that is really important.
    I like your cell phone charger idea, too!


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