Fall Projects Needing Doing

Chimney Sweep

Home and Garden: Don’t burn your house down! Do It Now, before the first cold winter blast.

Now is the time for those of you that use a fire place, wood or coal burning heating stove or kitchen cook stove. Now is the time to set a and date to have your fire place brick and chimney inspected and cleaned. Stove pipes need inspected, cleaned and replaced as needed.

If you must buy fire wood. Inspect it carefully for insects. Termites can and do live in fire wood and you don’t want to bring an infestation of undesirable insects to your garden or home. Keep fire wood stacks far away form you home.

It’s time to check your Natural gas, Propane and Electric space heaters. Insure they are clean inside and outside. Check gas heaters to insure the pilot-lights, and thermocouples are all working. Check your central air systems heaters for proper operation and change all air filters.

Automobile care: Check your tires for tread, uneven wear, proper tire pressures are very important. Check and if needed refill coolant levels with the proper type antifreeze recommended in your cars owners manual. If you need more help/information ask the service desk at your local auto supply parts house. All antifreeze is not the same!

Drain old fuel or add fuel stabilizers to gas powered tool, lawn mowers, chain saws, weed eaters and such. Be sure you are using the correct fuel stabilizer. Fuel stabilizers formulated for ‘normal’ gasoline and stabilizers formulated for alcohol added fuels are not the same.

Now is a good time to change the oil in gas powered equipment, check and replace air filters and spark plugs. Remove and replace or sharpen blades on grass cutting equipment be it gas powered or electric powered.
If you operate riding mower(s) they should be serviced as well. Clean all dirt, oil and grease from your equipment. Grease and lubricate as described in your owners manual before storing your power equipment for the winter.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is Common Sense so Uncommon?
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3 responses to “Fall Projects Needing Doing

  1. Chimney is clean and ready for winter.


  2. Re: Teresa Cleveland Wendel – Grin … Fire place and wood stove usage is limited in SW Oklahoma, fire wood is in limited supply and expensive to buy. A home with a fire place is most a decorative element and seldom if ever used.

    Happy cool colorful fall gardening


  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    I wish I hadn’t moved away from our old sweep. He wore a tattered tuxedo and top hat and drove a beat-up black pickup that his girlfriend had painted up with twining flowers.
    The guy in this town is pristine.


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