Daffodils – Garlic – Tulips – It’s Time For Fall Planted Bulbs

A source page: Fall Planting Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinths and Other Spring Flowering Bulbs Originally posted August 2011, by Pobept at https://survivalfarm.wordpress.com

I know it’s difficult to be thinking about Spring flowers when it’s not even officially Fall. But it is time to get out your Fall planted bulb catalogs or go on line and start selecting bulbs that will bring a relief from winters long cold dull days.

Soon after your first frost while the soil can still be worked spring flowering bulbs and summers garlic crop needs planting.

Next summers garlic crop Prepare the soil, Ideally a deep, fertile, very well drained soil. Add and incorporate well a good dressing of a general garden fertilizer before or at planting time. Your soils pH should be above 6.0.( Ideally, pH 6.5 -7.0) Lots of well rotted compost is beneficial, if you can get it.

Plant garlic after the first good frosts of autumn. Spring planting is possible in the higher latitudes. shorter season means the bulbs are often smaller. If the garlic sprouts have emerged, they will survive freezes and snowfalls, but they should be mulched heavily, about 6 inches deep to prevent soil heaving. Pull the mulch aside in spring.

Choose the biggest and fattest cloves, and plant them root end down, standing erect, and about 4 inches deep and spaced 6 inches apart. Give the best possible drainage. It is important to have a free draining soil. While cloves put in early in winter will have a longer cold treatment and will respond to lengthening days more quickly than those put in later, there is always a risk of the cloves rotting in a cold wet soil.

Consider a raised bed. Before planting beef up the nutrient status of your soil by working in a complete fertilizer (5N – 10P – 10K) at about a half pound per 25 feet 12 inch wide row. Once they have started growth in spring, give them regular very light side dressings, about every 2 or 3 weeks, of urea (or other high nitrogen fertilizer), spread about 6 inches on either side of the plants. Garlic competes poorly with weeds. Keep your garlic patch free of other plants that will compete with your garlic. If the weather is dry, mulch them to conserve water. Dry soil when the leaves are developing affects the yield quite badly, so water them well and regularly in dry periods.

Bulb Planting Chart

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3 responses to “Daffodils – Garlic – Tulips – It’s Time For Fall Planted Bulbs

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    oops! after reading this, i had to dig them up and put them in a few inches deeper. thanks.


    • Re: Teresa Cleveland Wendel – I don’t know if what little you would gain by digging and replanting is worth your time and efforts. There is something to be said about, If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It! I’ll add a bulb planting depth chart to this post for you to consider.
      Happy Fall Gardening.


  2. Good advice and inspiration.


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