Thing’s I Found In Dark Scary Places

Levi JeansBeing some what of a pack rat, living by Grandpa’s rule ‘waste not want not’ today even I was surprised at what I found in a dark corner of my closet.

Hanging neatly in a corner of my closet I found 11 pair of Wrangler and Levi denim jeans. It was obvious that it has been a long time since they have seen the light of day. As I removed them from their hangers, laying them on the foot of my bed, I could not help but wonder why I had bought new jeans when I had so many hanging in my closet!

I started sorting them by condition then opening the fly checking their size. To my great surprise, I found them to be 32 and 33 inch waste by 36 length. This was amazing as well as shocking. I can not remember a time that I had a 32 inch waste as I now fit very snugly into 36 inch Jeans!

Now that I no longer feel happy about my wardrobe, I have ‘jammed’ all of them into 2 large plastic bags and will drop them off at my local good will store for a needy slimmer person.

While I’m out maybe I will go to Dairy Queen and get myself a nice 3 scoop ice cream cone to cheer me up.

I really wish I had never looked into that Dark Scary Corner of my closet!

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

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9 responses to “Thing’s I Found In Dark Scary Places

  1. I just finished going through my closet. Three garbage bags straight to the donation bins. I’ll never be a size 7 again. That was so long ago… 😦
    Great post!


  2. Hi, i’m from Essex in the UK, and i have a similar wardrobe too!!


  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    STOP!!!! Don’t drop them off at Goodwill. My hubbie is a needy person in want of blue jeans with a 32/33 inch waist. I’ll buy them from you.
    Enjoy your Dairy Queen cone, my farming cyber-friend.


    • Oooops, they went with ma daughter this morning on her way to work.. Sorry, but if I find another pile or closet with that size I’ll mail you
      Happy gardening


  4. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    STOP!!!!! Don’t drop them off at Goodwill. My husband is a down-and-out needy person in want of jeans with a 32/33 inch waist. I’ll buy them from you.
    Enjoy that Dairy Queen cone, my cyber


  5. I agree with Jewels. They shrunk in the closet!


  6. That is scary when we finally see that tag in our pants does not match what we find in the back of our closets. Yikes! I hate when that happens! Have a scoop for me too! 🙂


  7. My theory is that closets are in fact “shrinking machines” ~ it’s a sinister and diabolical plot! 😉


  8. Had to LOL at the Dairy Queen part!!!! Still laughing!


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