Gardening – Farm And Small Livestock Pen / Shed

Pig Pen closeup overall view

Curly Q. Pigs new condo pig pen and shed are completed. We will soon move Curly Q. Pig to his new pen and shelter shed.

The front of this shed faces East so it will give lots of shade from the hot afternoon sun and heat. I enclosed the North end of the shed on 3 sides and the pig(s) still have easy access to their outside run, feed and water and my pigs will have protection from cold North winds, snow and ice storms during our unpredictable winter months.

FYI – The shed is 38 inches tall, 38 inches wide and 12 feet long. Why 38 inches wide/tall, well it was to keep construction of this shed simple as possible. Industrial grade U and R groove sheet metal is 38 inches wide. So I did not need to do any special cutting or fitting of sheet metal to build this shed.

The only thing that still must be added is a single mister in front of the sheds (South) shaded end to keep Curly Q. Pig cool during our hot dry summer months. This mister will be controlled by an electric (battery operated) timer that will turn the mister on every hour or so and mist for about 10 minutes starting at 1PM and ending about 6PM. Using a mister system the air temperature in and in front of the pig shed should never exceed 85 or 90 degrees. This is the same type mister sold by hardware stores used to cool patios and pool areas of city homes.

** Please note that the concrete does not have a slick and totally smooth finish. This slightly ruff surface keeps the concrete slab from becoming slick when wet.

All four inside walls have been protected from the pig rubbing and scratching on the wall. This protection will prevent the pig from pushing the sheet metal off of the shed walls. Also note that the shed walls have been spaced 2 inches off the concrete slab to allow for easy shed cleaning. After old hay bedding has been removed the shed floor can then be washed with a water hose and hose end nozzle(sprayer). The same treatment was applied to the fence panels, allowing a 2 inch space between the bottom of the fence panels and the concrete slab.

Fence panels were constructed using common ‘hog’ panels. they are 34 inches tall and 16 feet long. I attached the hog panels top and bottom to 1 inch angle iron then welded the panels to my 36 inch tall fence post.

This may all seem like a lot of work and materials for a pig pen, but the truth is a pig can tear up a 180 pound blacksmith anvil with a two pound rubber hammer. I want this shed and fence to last for a very long time. I have no desire to be rebuilding a pig shed or new pig fences in a year or two.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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