Garden And Tiny Farm Projects

Big Smile…Just for the record... I seem to whine a lot about the harsh weather and gardening conditions in Southwest Oklahoma but truth be known I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else 🙂 But with that said, many people just can’t stand the heat and our mostly treeless great south plains grass prairies. If you look hard you can almost always see at least one tree in all of by pictures I post.

Two of my on going projects are being wrapped up this or next week. First last winter Ronny bought a bolt up 24X24 shop and we erected it on an old existing cement slab. The existing slab was so weather worn and damaged when the old structure burned down we had to pour a 2 inch concrete cap over the old slab to get it smooth enough that Ronny can roll this engine hoist and creeper around on the floor without needing help. Shop is erected, this week the cap was poured and is well on it’s way to being cured hard enough that it can be used. If your curious about the weeds and junk setting around the shop door, that is a Son-N-Law job, I refuse to move his junk or cut his weed patch for him. {Junk to me, Treasures to my Son-N-Law. He has worked really hard to gather all that ‘stuff’ up} It’s not an easy job being a hoarder and pack rat.

That thing sticking out the doors of the shop is the new pig shed. It’s 12 feet long, 38 inches wide, and 38 inches tall. Six feet of the shed is closed off on 3 sides so the pigs sheltered is a warm and dry place for the pigs in cold or wet weather. Pig panels (fence) and shed is spaces 2 inches off the concrete to all me to easily wash out the shed and wash off the pig pen slab without mud, trash, hay and such from catching on the fence panels. The gate is a home made (by me) gate and post assembly with a large sturdy latch.

Second project has been to build a new pig pen and pig shed. The cement forms were set, cement poured, fence panels have been welded up and ready to install and the pig shed will be ready to set in place this Friday. With luck we can move Curly Q. Pig this weekend into his new pig condo. A big pile of good hay bedding and water mister on a timer can then be installed to keep this little fat pig cool and happy until market day.

I’ll post a new picture after we get Curly Q. Pig move and settled in to his new digs.

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3 responses to “Garden And Tiny Farm Projects

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    I tried living in a condo and I couldn’t cut it. I hope Curly Q. Pig fares better.


  2. amishcreekjoe

    I’d love to see some close-up pictures, particularly the pig pen and shed.


    • Re: amishcreekjoe – Thanks for your visit to my Tiny Blog.
      If I don’t get a really bad case of CRS, I will post some ‘close ups’ of the pen and shed Saturday or Sunday FYI this shed is a recycled, reworked rabbit hutch that I made about 2009. Rabbit Project update I cut the tall legs off and installed hog panels on the inside walls to prevent the pig rubbing, scratching and pushing the sheet metal off the sides of his shed.
      Happy gardening


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