Kreativ Blogger Award Nominee

Small Space Big Harvest Blogger Has kindly nominated my Tiny Humble Blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I am always surprised as well as being thankful to those that have taken the time and effort to take special notice of my little blob.

In keeping with the nominees instructions to accept this award here are a few thing you don’t know about this blogger.
(1) I was born in Lubbock, Texas, raised in the dry sand hills just off the cap rock east of Lubbock.
(2) Served 2 tours in Vietnam 1968-1970
(3) Lived in Padderborn, Fulda and Bad Bad Hersfeld West Germany
(4) Lived in Drama Greece
(5) Before I retired, I was a metal worker/welder most of my life
(6) I am a Amateur Radio Operator, FCC assigned Call Sign is K5SET
(7) I’m a big Star Trek fan
(8) I’m not a big TV watcher, when I do watch TV it’s mostly BBC sitcoms
(9) I like my dogs better than most people I know
(10)Favorite saying is ‘Be careful what you wish for – You may get it!’

Seven of the many blogs I like, listed in no particular order.
Why I Love West Texas Has a great eye for the camera and a different view of the world than most of us
(1) Silverbells blog
(2) Lloyds of Rochester blog
(3) Peak Perspective blog
(3) Hermits Door blog
(4) Home and Garden blog
(5) The Purple Book blog
(6) Nikitaland’s blog
(7) Crazy Kindness blog

10 Questions:
What is your favorite song? Ernest Tubs, My bucket’s got a hole in it
What is your favorite dessert? Peach cobbler
What ticks you off? Self-centered selfish people
What do you do when you’re upset? Tell my dogs what has me upset…they listen without interruptions
Which is/was your favorite pet? DartIII my first real hunting dog
Which do you prefer, black or white? neither
What is your biggest fear? N/A fear is just a thing to over come
What is your attitude mostly? Read life is more interesting than fiction
What is perfection? Grin…grandma’s homemade biscuits
What is your guilty pleasure? If it a pleasure, I’m guiltless

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
Don’t be Shy. Leave me your Comment(s)


9 responses to “Kreativ Blogger Award Nominee

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    Thanks for sharing your gardening expertise with us.


  2. crystalwayward



  3. Super-informative blog; hope you win! Thanks for visiting my site.


  4. Congratulations!


  5. Congratulations on being nominated. Hope you win.
    John Tucker


  6. Po, Star Trek?! Big Grin – I love Start Trek. Kirk was my crush, Spock was my hero. Thanks for sharing your blog roll. There are some there I think I will really enjoy.


  7. Congratulations – and I can almost taste those biscuits. (Drool).


  8. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition!
    And for the record, I’ve been crushin’ on Mr. Tubs since I was about seven. There’s just something about his voice that says comfort and home. It’s good to know he’s still remembered fondly.


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