Garden Fresh Watermelons – Homemade Watermelon Pickle’s and Watermelon Wine

Source document: Watermelon Wines – Special Recipe Collection by Jack Keller
Watermelons in your summer garden. If you are like many of us, sometimes you discover that you planted far more than you can eat fresh. That’s when it’s time to make Watermelon Wine from your excess melons.

Reduce your watermelons pulp to juice, strain well. Use Only the juice from your melons Do Not Add Additional Water! Follow Jack Keller’s no fail watermelon wine recipe.

Wait, now you can use the left over watermelon pulp to make dried watermelon snacks for your family. Dried watermelon snacks should be very dry and crisp, store in air tight zip lock style bags.

Don’t stop now! Using the left over watermelon rind’s, make watermelon pickles. Source document: Lillian’s Cupboard Blog –
Blue Ribbon Pickle Recipe
Watermelon pickle’s are a special ‘Sweet’ treat.

If you find that you have left over watermelon pulp or rind, put it in your compost pile or do as I do. Feed it to your small chicken flock or Curly Q. Pig.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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16 responses to “Garden Fresh Watermelons – Homemade Watermelon Pickle’s and Watermelon Wine

  1. pobept, I really like your blog. I’ve nominated you for the kreativ blogger award.


  2. I love watermelons but alas without a greenhouse there is no way I could grow them here.


  3. I planted watermelon again this year, the light green stripe that is to get to 40lbs but because of the drought it barely made 10 lbs before it ripened and the others on the vine died away at softball size even though I watered every night, it just wasn’t enough. The one I got was very sweet. I’ve always tried seedless before and discovered that the ones with seeds seem to be much sweeter and with more flavor. Thanks for you blog.


    • Re: jsnapp62 Just a thought, but have you considered installing a drip line on your melon patch? A mechanical or electronic timer set to water 2 times a day using either 1/2 or 1 gallon per hour drip emitter would be idea for a melon patch. A really heavy mulch (covering a 3 or 4 foot diameter, around your melon plants also works wonders in keeping your soil from drying out between watering cycles as well.

      Happy gardening


  4. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    I can grow watermelons here!!! But they aren’t ripe for the eating yet. No plans for watermelon wine. I’m waiting for the elderberries.


    • Re: Teresa Cleveland Wendel -berries of any kind don’t do well in our hot dry climate. Few fruit trees will produce well here, so I am forced to experiment and use what will tolerate our semi-desert winds and heat, watermelon is one of them.
      Happy gardening


  5. I have considered making watermelon pickle; my mother used to make it, but wine? Interesting idea… As for watermelon pulp dried and made into snacks, it sounds interesting but I am feeling too lazy to look it up – have you done it before? How does that work?


    • Re: Lloyd’s of Rochester -after juicing and pressing the pulp it makes a very nice light crunchy snack food, me, my grand children and great grand son love it.
      Happy gardening


      • OK, I am getting the idea. Do you use a food dehydrator to dry it, or some simpler way? Also, do you form it into thin patties or just how?


        • Re: Lloyd’s of Rochester – Generally I put my pulp in a large colander in my kitchen sink, cover with plastic wrap to keep the critters out, allow to drain over night. I made myself some small 4X4X1/2 deep wood containers with stainless screen wire stapled to their bottoms, packed full of watermelon or other juicy fruit pulp. Put them in my solar dryer. If humidity is low it takes any where from a bout 10 to 24 hours for the pulp to dry. If your using a counter top dryer follow instructions on making dry fruit leather treats but don’t remove from dryer until very dry. How to oven dry foods Package in zip lock style bags for storage.
          Sweet eating and Happy gardening


  6. Alrighty, I’m going to give all of these a whirl, but I’m drawing the line at saving and reusing the seeds. I wait all year long for the county fair and the watermelon seed spitting contest. I need those seeds for practice. 🙂


    • Re: peakperspective – Thanks for visiting my tiny blog
      Muuuuuum watermelon seeds! Grin… not wanting to waste any thing I tried to roast watermelons seed… A Failed experiment!
      Happy gardening


  7. This is very interesting as we should have some of the sweetest watermelon this year due to the heat. Our areas are known for their quality melons. High sugar content is important to making wine. john Tucker


  8. Thank you for linking to my watermelon pickle recipe and for introducing me to your blog. I’m from southwestern Ohio (near Cincinnati) and plan to check back to see how you are doing.


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