My Tiny Garden Blog and One Lovely Blog And Versatile Blog-er Award -Updated Posting

Lloyd’s of Rochester Has kindly nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. I am a bit surprised and at the same time pleased at this recognition. I want to thank Lloyd’s of Rochester for this award nomination and a big Thank You to all those that have found time to visit my Tiny Humble blog.

WordPress status report as of today say’s that I have surpassed the 276,000 mark in visitors to my ramblings and at times ranting mostly about my Tiny Garden and my big move to my tiny house on a tiny farm in Southwest Oklahoma, USA.

Brain Lock Is Embarrassing It’s is with a very red face and a bit of shame that I must publicly admit that on the 11th of June 2012, Nikitaland’s Blog Nominated my tiny blog for the Versatile Bloggers Award. Apparently I have been in Brain Lock for 1/2 a month and failed to properly respond to this greatly appreciated and most likely undeserved recognition. To Nikitaland’s Blog Author, I can only apologize for my not recognizing and properly thanking her for this nice award nomination. Once again Thank you!

In keeping with the awards recommendations, I am listing a few for the many well deserving blogs URL’s. I hope you can find time to visit some of these great blogs. There are a great number more blogs that deserve to be listed, but, it would be an all day project to list them all. So I have randomly selected a few to list in today’s blog post.

Why I Love West Texas Is so well written and filled with historical facts and photographs of people, living and dieing in the harsh conditions dished out by Mother Nature to those that have chosen to live in far West Texas Panhandle.

thegreatgodpan1 Johannesburg South Africa said “My interests are many and include photography ,which youll all get to see, hiking and camping, reading, woodworking, veggy growing ,blogging and generally talking shyte among many others. I post many pictures, I can be a little radical at times but hey its my blog.”

The American Dilemma and How We Can Fix It said “I believe that all of us, humans and other species, the rivers and oceans, the rocks and plains are all part of one life experience – that we must learn respect for our surroundings and environment – or we will bring about our own demise.”

Jnana’s Red Barn Said “Jnana can’t decide if this is a Quaker blog that also embraces poetry, or a poetry ‘zine that draws on Quaker practice. Either way, it’s finally happened: he’s entered the realm of bloggers and invites you to join the party.”

belly button blues Said “Writers helping other writers. Another way to support others would be leaving a LINK to a favorite posting on another writer’s blog on your site. To that end, here’s a link to a post with a few recommendations for some good summer reads.”

Here’s a few things that you may or may not know about this blogger.
(1) I was born and raised on the Eastern edge of that big old cotton patch located in the southern part Texas panhandle just a few miles east of Lubbock, Texas.
(2) I served and lived in South Vietnam for 2 years during Americas Vietnam war years as well as living in West Germany and Northern Greece.
(3) I am now retired but spent most of my life as a metal worker/welder designing, building and repairing farm implements mostly used in the growing and harvesting of cotton.
(4) Gardening and raising of small livestock and poultry is a hobby that I sometimes take to seriously. I don’t do it because I must to live. I do it because I enjoy doing it.
(5) Trix are for kids – Oatmeal is for old guy’s.

Have a very Safe and Happy 4th of July

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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8 responses to “My Tiny Garden Blog and One Lovely Blog And Versatile Blog-er Award -Updated Posting

  1. huzzah! congrats! 🙂


  2. Congratulations!


  3. I understand how overwhelming it can be to receive an award – it took me over a month to reply to my nomination. In fact, I did a “shoemaker’s elves” and went offline – mostly very excellent reasons which I enumerated in a post later, but it began with being overwhelmed with the thought that my new blog would be worthy of such attention, so circumstances worked in my favor.

    BTW, I am pleased that you found my post about winter squash and pumpkins interesting. I am, at my core, a practical person and I like to create articles the fill a need.


  4. You certainly have earned it, and any other awars that come your way. You have a great blog here! You’re informative, well-written, entertaining, easy to navigate…oh, just all of it. Keep up the excellent work!


  5. We also nominated you for a blog award back in June too! Hope you did not miss it!


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