4th Of July Celebrates Freedom, Family, BBQ And Fireworks

This 4th of July holiday take time out to remember a figure in history seldom thought of by Americans. Dwight D. Eisenhower, a farm boy from the heartland of America, Kansas.

He was the right man for the job at the right time. Eisenhower wasn’t the senior general in Washington, nor did he have many years of experience commanding large armies. He was however an effective leader, administrator and as Commanding General of the European Theater of Operations his political skills were his best asset in managing all the varied allied armies in the war against Hitlers Germany. He would later (1953) be called upon to used those same political skills as President Of The United States.

Bob Greene, CNN Contributor said

Seventy years ago — in the last week of June in 1942 — an American from Midwestern farm country arrived in besieged London.

It was a business trip, of sorts. The man’s bosses had assigned him a daunting task. Summed up in a few words, that task was:
As President President Roosevelt put it “Save the world.”

England, and free Europe, were under terrible peril at the hands of Germany’s Third Reich. The British people and the British military had shown extraordinary valor, but it was not going to be enough.

Adolf Hitler didn’t realize it at the time, but the appointment and arrival of Dwight D. Eisenhowers in London meant that he (Hitler) was through.

But by June, he did go on, with the assignment of commanding all the Yanks in Europe. The invasion of North Africa would soon follow. Then, having been promoted to supreme commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force, Eisenhower would direct the largest combined sea, air and land military undertaking in the history of the world: Operation Overlord, the D-Day invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe. England, and Europe, and the free world would survive and prevail.

All was not easy every decision was not without its critics, both at the time and in the ensuing years. Some strategies did not work out the way he had hoped and planned for. Eisenhower himself realized this, and was at peace with it. After the war, remembering his arrival in London, he would write: “War, as so many men have said, is the most stupid and tragic of human ventures. It is stupid because so few problems are enduringly solved; tragic because its cost in lives and spirit and treasure is seldom matched in the fruits of victory. Still, I never intend to join myself with those who damn all wars as vile crimes against humanity. World War II, not sought by the people of the United States or its allies, was certainly not, on their part, either stupid or in vain. Satisfaction, and memories precious beyond price, rewarded those who survived and who, in loyalty to country and to ideals, answered the attack.”

Take a moment to remember all the men and women that have given so much in order that we may now celebrate our independence day Without fear or oppression.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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8 responses to “4th Of July Celebrates Freedom, Family, BBQ And Fireworks

  1. seamistandmagnolias

    As a history buff I really enjoyed this post. President Eisenhower was indeed a great and insightful man. Thanks for stopping by, and the ‘like’.


  2. thanks for the recipe….that was pretty much what i had in maind but i was planning on olive oil instead of animal fat ……..high in calories is olive oil.


  3. we have had a lot of success with our greenhouse…failure is normal and not to be frowned apon…..if you learn its not failure……ive adopted the method of only growing what ive previously had success with recently with limited experiments………all is dormant right now as its winter and ill be extending my garden this spring………we have also learned alot about things like pickling and preserving,drying……….experimenting with what we here call biltong (you will know it as jerky) at the moment…..am now trying dried beef mince patties and will try mincing nuts,fruit, beef with the idea of creating long lasting lightweight high nutritional hiking snacks…………..never tried poultry as i live in a residential area but have thought about fish in a swimming pool and rabbits……….many interesting things in this wonderful world of ours……….


    • Re: thegreatgodpan1 – Grinning, It’s sometimes hard for me to remember that some fellow bloggers are now in the dead of winter when it’s near or above 100 (38C) degrees everyday. Winter is Natures way of saying it’s time to give it a rest, both you and your garden.
      Here’s a link on making American native Indian style Pemmican, a high energy, light weight survival food that may give you a different prespective on making biltong (jerky).. http://www.survivalblog.com/2008/01/grandpappys_pemmican_recipe_a.html
      Thanks for finding time to visit my little blog.


  4. howdy….thanks for the like…….i live in johannesburg south africa……..common sense is uncommon because most people are in too much of a rush and far too preoccupied with entertainment value distractions to actually notice the flowers …never mind take the time to smell them.


    • Re: thegreatgodpan1 – Thanks for finding time to visit my Tiny Blog
      I enjoy seeing and reading about how others approach Home Gardening and managing small livestock and poultry flocks. Grin…as well as seeing others successes and sometimes failed projects, what worked and what not work all that well.
      Happy gardening


  5. Great post and perspective.


  6. Great post, thanks so much! Let’s have a moment of silence for those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom.


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