Gone Fishing – Grasshopper Hatch Off In My Garden

©I have had a hatch off of grasshoppers! I’m seeing them every where, in the pasture, on my windshield and now on my tomato vines. Grasshoppers are almost imposable to control. Whether you are trying to control them with organic(natural) poisons or if your using hard core harsh man-made chemical sprays. It seems that for every hopper you kill 2 takes it’s place. They are still hatching, I see them as small as 1/2 inch long to adults that are 1 1/2 inches long.

So far the damage has been limited to the top tender leaf’s but if the hopper count continues to rise they will soon be eating my corn, squash and cucumber vines as well. I lost my garden to the drought, heat and a late June grasshopper hatch off last year. I was hoping for a more successful garden this year, but, it now looks like the hoppers will wipe me out again this summer.

I turned my 2 ducks and 6 tiny bantam chickens to my garden yesterday, but within 10 minutes they had eaten all the grasshoppers they wanted and went back to their coop. I couldn’t tell that there were any fewer grasshoppers than before the chickens and ducks fulled up on the little critters!

We had a very mild winter this year, that was good for my heating bill but it was not cold enough, long enough to achieve a good insect egg and larva kill.

Maybe I should just catch a bucket full of grasshoppers and go fishing.. It want solve my problem, but, I will be on the lake fishing and won’t have to watch them eating my garden!

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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3 responses to “Gone Fishing – Grasshopper Hatch Off In My Garden

  1. Neem oil affects bugs that chew and suck on the plants. Its systemic within the plants.


    • Re: Justin NeMo – Thanks for visiting my tiny blog
      there are a number of things that will kill grasshoppers. The problem with grasshopper control is your not dealing with 1 or a 100 or even a thousand hoppers. When you get a hatch off your faced with tens of thousands maybe even millions of hoppers. They are always on the move, eating, seeking fresh green food. When you kill 1 or a 100 they are replaced by an even greater number. There are getting in such big numbers that when you walk and disturb them, it looks like the ground is moving under my feet.
      Happy Hopper-less summer garden


  2. We’re “buggin'” like crazy here, too, because of the mild winter. Not so much of the grasshoppers, thankfully.
    How about dusting with diatomaceous earth? It’s a challenge, would have to be done after every strong breeze, every rain…but it will, in time, work. Let the birds have their fill, the miniscule amount of D.E. in the insects will not bother them.
    I don’t know of a single insect that doesn’t choke on that stuff and die. It’s like eating razors to them.


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