Summer Gardening – 2012 – Be Prepared For The Big Bug Invasion

Experts predict buggy summer across the US
They are coming out all over the U.S. with a vengeance this summer according to bug experts.

The city of New Orleans has reported an elevated number of mosquitoes this year, and so have many cities in northeast Illinois, as well as St. Paul, Minn., where pest control workers have reported a 50 percent increase in call volume.

Mike Deutsch, an urban Entomologist said “We are bracing for a major bug war, if you will. It all depends on how the summer is. If the summer is really hot and there is a lot of moisture like there has been the last month or so, the population of insects is going to be out of control. There are certain species entomologists and exterminators are looking out for, the Asian tiger mosquito for one is a very aggressive version of mosquito that bites during the day. One of the biggest concerns of having extra mosquitoes around this summer is the possible increase in numbers of West Nile Virus cases.

Do your part, take an active role in eliminating bug’s breeding grounds which usually involves water collection sites. Dominick Ninivaggi, superintendent of Mosquito Vector Control for Suffolk County, Long Island, says, “It is important to try and get rid of any standing water, particularly after a rain. Get rid of any buckets, birdbaths, anything that has picked up water because these mosquitoes can breed in a paper cup or even a bottle cap.” Ninivaggi says mosquitoes aren’t the only blood-sucking predators they are worried about. “We are also seeing an increase in certain species of ticks. Ticks in the Northeast are a big problem, with the transmission of lime disease and certain other tick-borne diseases. The mild winter seems to be giving us a super crop of the ticks as well.”

In Colorado high bug populations breaking cars down. Your radiator and AC condensers are behind your grill. What happens is your air conditioning doesn’t work and then your engine starts to overheat. Tow truck drivers are seeing more and more instances of this because of an abnormally high amount of bugs near the highway. They’re clogging people’s radiators which leads to engine overheating.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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7 responses to “Summer Gardening – 2012 – Be Prepared For The Big Bug Invasion

  1. Its true. I also fight with this condition ……


  2. seamistandmagnolias

    I live 45 miles north of New Orleans in south Mississippi, and it’s like a jungle here. I have also noticed that the mosquitoes have been out more during the day and seem to be even more vicious than usual!


    • Re: seamistandmagnolias – Thanks for visiting my tiny blog.
      I hope I’m wrong but it sounds like you have been invaded by a new species to the U.S. The Asian tiger mosquito. They are a daytime feeding mosquito.
      Happy Mosquito free Gardening


  3. Here on the west coast we are getting areas sprayed because of the mosquito population and west nile.


    • Re: Stacy Thanks for your visiting my tiny blog
      It’s been so dry here for the past several years I don’t think I have seen or been bitten by a mosquito in 2 years.
      Have a bug free Happy and Safe 4th of July


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  5. ugh, so true. I just wrote about the Japanese beetles a few days ago. in the south we are seeing greater numbers of ticks and mosquitoes as well. and people were happy about that nonexistent winter we had! :/


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