Canned, Dried And Frozen Home Garden Fresh Vegetables

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vdoncaster | June 10, 2012 at 2:38 pm | Has taken the time and effort to remind me that alphabetical conservation is not always a good thing. Not having a copy editor on staff here at my tiny blog, many typo’s go unnoticed and uncorrected my the author, that would be me. Feel free to comment on my typo’s, misspelling and misuse of certain terms. I will pass your comment(s) on to the author, that would again be me. You may also want to note that I favor the use of American English spelling of some words like color, flavor, harbor, honor, humor, labor, neighbor, rumor over the UK, Canadian and Australian spelling, colour, flavour, harbour, honour, humour, labour, neighbour, rumour.
With that disclaimer now posted and out of the way, Let us talk about Summer Gardening.

Sun dried tomatoes

Preserving your summer garden surplus vegetables. pre·serve  [pri-zurv] Show IPA verb, pre·served, pre·serv·ing, noun verb (used with object) to keep safe from harm or injury; protect or spare. To prepare (food or any perishable substance) so as to resist decomposition or fermentation. Verb (used without object) to preserve fruit, vegetables, etc.; make preserves. OK, OK, Enough with the word usage fun.

The oldest know method of food preservation is drying. Dehydrating foods can be dated back many thousands of years. Dehydrating is easy, effective and foods stored properly will last one or more years. When dehydrating, moisture is your enemy and the friend of unwanted dangerous bacteria. Dried foods must remain dry and stored in a dark dry place until used. Drying Food At Home Basics 101
The advantage of dried food storage is no electricity is need for the long term storage or to home dry foods.
However clean water and cooking is general required for you to eat dried foods.

Frozen garden fresh vegetables

Clarence Birdseye offered his quick-frozen foods to the public as early as 1929. However, almost no homes had freezers and those that did were inefficient and could not maintain temperatures cold enough for long term storage of frozen foods. It was not until the late 1950’s and early 1960’s that home freezers were introduced to the general public that could meet the demands for near 0 degree food storage at home.
Advantages are that freezing food is fast and easy to do.
However a long period without electrical power will allow your frozen foods to thaw and spoil.

Canned garden fresh vegetables

Canning first proven in 1806 in test with the French navy and the prize awarded in 1809 or 1810. Is popular but it does require special equipment {pressure cooker} to process the foods and canning jar with special lids and screw on bands.
Advantages of home canning is that it’s easy to do.
However it does require special equipment, pressure cooker, to process most canned foods and a large quantity of canning jars of differing sizes as well as special lids and screw tight bands for each jar.
National Center For Home Food Preservation

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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