Poor And Fat Americans – It’s Mostly A Matter Of Making Bad Choices At The Supermarket

Poor and fat:The real class war – By LZ Granderson

LZ Granderson has concluded that Americas poor are fat because they can not afford to purchase low calorie, low fat, low salt and sugar healthy foods.

Eating healthy garden fresh home grown foods is a good choice to stay lean and healthy.

©I strongly disagree with LZ Granderson views on why Americas poor are fat. The biggest problem is fat people, poor, middle class and the rich make poor personal food choices and simply stated eat to much and make bad choices when shopping at their local supermarket and fast food establishments. They (fat people) eat far to much ready to eat – unhealthy fast foods in quantities that are truly appalling.

Calorie Calculator is a good tool to help you understand your daily calorie needs to loose weight and to maintain that weight. People seem to forget that it took in most cases 10 – 20 or 25 years to gain that 40 or 50 pounds of excess weight and your not taking that weight off in 2 or 3 months!!

They (Fat Americans) are eating 2 or 3 individual serving of food containing a days worth of calories, sugar and salt at every meal then add in the mid-morning, mid-afternoon and late night snacks. In one day Fat Americans will consumed the equivalent of 2 or 3 days recommended calorie in take.

Don’t take offense, but, if you can’t fit your fat a$$ into an airplane, bus or restaurant seat, you can’t walk 1/4 mile to, from and inside your local big box store the the true fact is Your Fat!

When eating out and that’s most of the time, Fat Americans don’t order or eat anything that contains green, red, yellow or purple vegetables or fruit every meal. They avoid cooking and using good fats like Olive Oil and Nuts claiming that good oils like Olive Oil cost to much. That’s a lie and they know it’s a lie. If you don’t deep fry everything it only takes 1 or 2 tablespoons of oil to home cook a health meal.

Fat people fry or worst yet batter dip and deep fry everything beef, chicken, pork, turkey, bananas, pickles and the list goes on. Ask them if they want that broiled or grilled and you get that deer in the headlights look! Don’t even dare serve mashed potato’s without a 1/2 pound of butter and sour cream on them.

Don’t even think about telling me poor people can’t afford to buy heather foods. (FYI I live on a small fixed income so I do know what it cost to eat health foods) Fat people don’t buy anything that has to be prepared (cooked) at home.

A family size bag of (insert name brand here) potato or corn chips cost more, sometimes a lot more, than a 10 pound bag of fresh whole potato’s or a 5 pound bag of corn meal or whole wheat flour.

The Bottom line is be you poor or rich, if your fat your eating to much and making bad choices at your supermarket and eating far to much unhealthy fast food. Your getting to little exercise. Your consuming to many calories everyday.

Eating in moderation, eating more good for you foods and less bad for you fast foods, getting more exercise.

It’s your choice. If you don’t change your eating habits you are setting yourself and your children up to live a shorter life span, a life filled with health problems caused by poor nutrition. Your increasing the risk that you and your children will suffer from early on set heart disease, type 1 and 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and breathing disorders.

Before fast foods were sold on every corner, of every city in America.
Look Mama, No Fat People!

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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8 responses to “Poor And Fat Americans – It’s Mostly A Matter Of Making Bad Choices At The Supermarket

  1. I just have to comment, I agree but your use of “your” when you mean you are – “you’re” is driving me crazy. Your fat because is supposed to be you’re fat, not like your clothing, or something you own.

    You do it again and again all over this blog and even in the comments.


    • Re: vdoncaster Thanks for finding time to visit my little blog and for your comment(s)
      Your or You Are? Your is in common use both in written and verbal communications as a direct replacement for You Are. My use or maybe over use of ‘your’ over ‘you are’, is most likely caused from my regional dialect (southwest USA). Grin Or I’m simply to lazy to use two more key strokes to spell out you are or you’re.

      Happy gardening


  2. Sometimes I feel that it is pure laziness, lack of self respect that some people are over weight. Look at the majority of the kids these days, there is so much technology toys around for them that they don’t get enough exercise. When we were kids, we played outside, ran, jumped, and had fun. Kids these days don’t do this, rather they sit indoors eating junk food playing video games, texting, and not getting exercise. Times are different now than when we were younger. I am a size 2, but I keep that size because I exercise regularly and take walks with my dog around our neighborhood, I watch what I eat, but it is all in “moderation”. Parents need to get more involved in their kids life and take an active stand on getting them healthier. There are so many health concerns with being overweight and if they had self respect for their bodies, they would do something about it.


    • Re: Nikitaland Thanks for visiting my tiny blog.
      Your correct. A little fresh air, sunshine and exercise is not a bad thing.
      All things in moderation is the key factor. Two – 1/4 pound meat patties, double cheese with 3 slices of bacon burger, 1/2 pound of deep fried potato’s and a 1/2 gallon of soda in not eating in moderation!
      Grin, that’s about 2 day’s worth of calories and fat for the average person!


  3. I’ve always had to struggle with weight – but I realized that at an early age and took responsibility for my own health and well-being. If we simply look at the explosion in adult-onset diabetes, it is clear that our poor dietary choices are at the root cause.

    If we want to reign in the exploding costs of “healthcare” we should devote some educational resources to explaining how diet affects health to our school children – and then yank all the fast food restaurants out of our school houses.


    • Re: juwannadoright Thank you for your visit to my tiny blog.
      I agree fully. People must become better educated about food and it’s effect on your health.
      Fast ‘junk’ food joints and vending machines have no place in a school.


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  5. Libby Keane

    It’s a crime, really. On so many levels.


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