Summer Yellow Goose Neck Squash! How Much Can One Man Eat?

Way to much Squash!
My squash vines are just starting to produce, but, they are producing much more than one person can possibility eat. So far I have boiled, broiled and grilled my goose neck squash. So I have taken to dehydrating (drying) and freezing what I can’t eat. I’m packaging it in 1 pint zip top bags to be eaten this coming winter when the summer garden is a thing of the past.

Grilling and Broiling Squash (works well for almost all fresh vegetables)
1. Prepare barbecue grill and preheat for direct heat cooking (the charcoal is directly under the food).

*For charcoal grill: Before you put the grill over the hot coals, brush it with a light coat of oil.

2. Rinse and drain, snap / cut off tough stem ends from asparagus; trim ends from squash, stem and seed peppers. Cut larger vegetables lengthwise into pieces 1/2 inch thick. Brush vegetables with a good quality Olive Oil. Sprinkle vegetables on all sides with salt, pepper and paprika.
**Hint: Add a few drops of liquid smoke to your Olive Oil before brushing your vegetables with this oil.

3. Lay vegetables crosswise on lightly oiled grill over a solid bed of medium hot coals (you can hold your hand just above grill level only 3 to 4 seconds). Keep charcoal grill uncovered. Grill vegetables, when golden brown, turn only once with tongs, until tinged with brown on both sides, about 8 to 10 minutes total grilling time. grilled squash

Step by step instructions on How to freeze summer squash This site has a ton of useful information on DIY canning and freezing your excess garden vegetables. Don’t waste them, if you don’t want to can or freeze your excess garden vegetables, give them to your friends and neighbors. What ever you do don’t send them to you local landfill.

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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11 responses to “Summer Yellow Goose Neck Squash! How Much Can One Man Eat?

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    Mine are just seedlings, but already I’m looking forward to barbq.


  2. The squash bugs(?) killed all my squash plants and my zuchinni. They were orange spider looking things that crawled like ants. And then there were the larvae that got into the stems. It’s been a horrible season for us. I’m so disappointed. My fault for not using anything I guess. We’ve never had this trouble before though…


  3. Squash bread, squash cookies, squash pie (yes, Crookneck makes wonderful pie!)…slice lengthwise, blanch, freeze…squash parmesan, squash lasagna…slice in half lengthwise, clean…stuff with crabmeat stuffing and freeze…Yum! Do you put up tomato sauce at the end of the season? Throw in some pulverized squash. They’ll never know it’s there 😉


    • Re: schmoozelfleugen Grinning, I don’t do all that well on my canning projects, however I have found that freezing whole tomato’s to be used like canned tomato’s works well for me. Package in zip top bags, thaw and peel as needed. After freezing, the skin comes off easily.
      Happy summer gardening


      • Oh, Lord, you should have seen my freezer last year. No room left for meat! I froze bags and bags of tomatoes, until I got every last one, to make seven gallons of sauce. I’m still giving the stuff away!


        • Re: schmoozelfleugen
          Eeeek! 7 gallons of tomato sauce, grinning, I’m sure that me, my family and all my neighbors could not eat 7 gallons of tomato sauce!

          Happy summer gardening..


          • That’s just about how it’s going here. I’m giving most of it away…gotta have those jars back in time for this year’s crop, and this year, I finally planted Romas. I’m looking forward to an awesome batch of sauce this year!


  4. Any problems with squash bugs?


    • Re: peakperspective Thanks for visiting my tiny blog
      No bug problem ‘yet’ but it’s still very early in the summer gardening season…
      Happy summer gardening


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