Armed FDA Agents Raid Milk Producers And Health Food Stores!

FDA accuse-Amish being criminals caught transporting Raw Milk!

Under the Obama Administration, FDA, (Food and Drug Administration) is terrorizing law abiding American Citizens and American businesses.
Food and Drug Administration is using armed agents to enforce their (FDA’s) rules and regulations on what food may be sold and consumed by American Citizens.
Just another example of another bunch of unsupervised federal bureaucrats operating without adult supervision forcing their will upon American Citizens.

It matters little if you like or dislike Rand Paul, but you electronic signature on his petition does carry weight when it it submitted to support his bill to reel in this run away out of control bunch of federal bureaucrats, the FDA.

Email from: Senator Rand Paul Addressed to me.

Disarm the FDA, do it and do it now!

Dear Sir

Imagine gun toting (FDA)agents from the Food and Drug Administration storming onto your property because you choose to sell raw milk. Think this can’t happen? Think again.

FDA agents have been barging in to farms and natural food stores to crack down on individuals whose only crime is believing they know better than the government what was good for their health.

Last week, I (Rand Paul) offered an amendment to the Food and Drug Reauthorization Bill.
My amendment would curb the FDA’s abuse of power and overreach.

It would disarm the FDA, terminate FDA raids on Amish farmers and natural food stores, and put an end to their censorship of dietary supplements. I hope you’ll take a few moments to watch my floor speech explaining why my amendment to disarm the FDA is so vital.

Click to sign: Disarm the FDA petition.

After you watch the video, I hope you’ll sign the petition urging your senators to support my amendment to end the FDA’s trampling of our rights.

My Question is why are FDA employes Armed and just who authorized this agency to act as U.S. Marshals, raiding milk producers and health food stores?

Not from the USA. Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
Don’t be Shy. Leave me your Comment(s)


4 responses to “Armed FDA Agents Raid Milk Producers And Health Food Stores!

  1. OMG, these are farmers not terrorists! Why the armed FDAs? It is so uncalled for. Hope the petition goes through. Good luck!


  2. Because I had a problem keeping down homogenized milk as an infant I primarily drank goat’s milk for sustenance. But then mom found a dairy that offered “raw cow’s milk” and made the thirty mile one way drive to obtain it for me. I was raised on the stuff and never suffered any adverse consequences from it. In fact, I was the healthiest kid in my class at school.

    If the FDA wants to employ its legion of bureaucrats productively to improve the health of Americans, it should camp out at McDonald’s and the other fast food chains which so greatly contribute to our real health issues.


  3. I live in a rural community in southern Ontario – we are not allowed to buy raw milk in stores but you know which farmers will be willing to sell…

    One way to get around the difficulty is to purchase a cow or even a share in a cow.

    There is a case here where several families wanted UN-tampered with milk – so the farmer allowed them to buy shares in one cow.

    He is being challenged in court now but this looks like it will pass.

    I would help with a petition but I am not in the US yet *small smile*

    Good luck to those fighting for their right to choose!



    • Re: wordsweneversaid Thanks for your support and for finding time to visit my little blog.
      I like that buy, lease, rent a cow share idea. 🙂


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