Gardening On The Cheap.. Recycling Old Wood Pallets Into Tiny Garden Spaces

Pallet garden

Disclaimer… Truth be known, I didn’t dream gardening with recycled pallets up. I stumbled across an article that had a picture of a kind-of sort-of square foot garden constructed using old wood pallets.

Pallets can often be had for free by simply asking the store if you can have a few pallets. Pallets are not easy to take apart, so try to select pallets that can be used as is and do not need to be repaired before you can use them..

Pallet vertical garden

It looks to me like a really good way to build a small raised bed using nothing but a bit of old card board boxes or black plastic with a pallet setting directly on top, filled with good top soil and planted with your choice of vegetables. If you need your bed higher so you don’t need to bend and stoop as much stack 2 or 3 pallets one on top of the other to get your bed to the height you like best.

Pallet trellis

Screen – hiding an AC condenser unit

Another good idea is to use pallet vertical gardens to hide unsightly AC/Heating condenser units.

Compost bins

One or more compost bins can be easily constructed using pallets. It will contain your compost pile and is cheap and easy to construct.

Not from the USA Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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9 responses to “Gardening On The Cheap.. Recycling Old Wood Pallets Into Tiny Garden Spaces

  1. Hi , love this idea , I am all for reusing and recycling anything I can in my garden . Especially natural materials . Love your blog 🙂


    • Re: suzyq47 – Thanks for visiting my tiny blog
      I’m glad you found the pallet gardening information useful.
      Thank you for your very kind comment(s)
      Happy summer gardening


  2. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    I’ve been wanting to expand my garden onto a grassy area. Do you think I could lay some cardboard down and put the pallet on top, then fill it with dirt? Is that enough to kill the grass beneath it?


    • Re: Teresa Cleveland Wendel
      Thanks for visiting my tiny blog. I would think one layer of thick cardboard or two layers of thinner cardboard would do a good job as a weed/grass blocker for a pallet garden.
      Happy summer gardening


  3. That is a real good idea of using the pallets in the garden. We need to find more uses for the things that we so easily discard every day.
    John Tucker


  4. Absolutely LOVED your post! I agree that taking apart pallets is NOT an easy task, as I am currently working on doing just that. I ran across this link to make a Potting Bench out of pallets, and I hope that once I can get the pallets apart, I will be able to make this potting bench.

    I loved the first photo on how the pallet is used for gardening! We are doing our first raised garden bed this year, and we are so excited. Check out our blog to see some of the past posts on our progress! Have a great day!


  5. Re: Jewels Thanks for visiting my tiny blog.
    As for identifying treated lumber. In the past pallets were commonly treated, however now days the cost of returning pallets to be reuse is so expensive, that almost no one ships pallets back to be reused so to cut cost of production pallets are seldom treated with ant kind of chemicals. .. Educate your self to identify treated lumber, go to a building supplier like Lowes, look at their treated lumber. You will see that it has a light green tent to it. This coloration of treated wood is mandated by federal law so treated lumber can be identified with a simple visual inspection.
    Happy gardening


  6. These are super cool ideas! I’m curious though… doesn’t the wood from pallets usually contain chemicals and such?


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