DIY – Fresh Picked Berry Or Fruit Cordial

Berry or fresh fruit Cordial

This old fashioned recipe is a favorite during cold and flu season, it is also most enjoyable served ice cold on those long hot summer days. But can be enjoyed anytime, any season, day or night.

1 tablespoon whole allspice
1 tablespoon cloves
1 piece stick cinnamon (crushed)
8 quarts of berries or very ripe fruit of your choice.
2 quarts cold water
4 pounds granulated sugar (I never said it was a diet drink)
2 quarts whiskey, brandy or vodka. Needs to be at least 40 percent or 80 proof.

Tie spices in a cloth bag. Cheese cloth works well.
Pick over and wash berries or fresh fruit.
Place in large pot or stainless steel pot, don’t use an aluminum pot, cover with water, and boil until thoroughly soft.
Mash / crush berries or fruit.
Strain and measure. To each quart of juice add 2 cups sugar.
Add spice bag and slow boil 20 minutes. Let cool, and measure again.
To each quart of syrup, add 1 pint of whiskey, brandy or vodka.
Bottle in glass bottle(s) and cork / cap tightly. Empty sterilized whiskey or vodka bottles work well.
Will keep for months and improves with age.
Store in a cool dark place.
Remedies: Colds, Cough, Culinary, Flu.
I think I feel a bad cold coming on!

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One response to “DIY – Fresh Picked Berry Or Fruit Cordial

  1. Yes, I feel the flu coming on! What a great remedy.


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