4 Secrets To Gardening Success

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A post at Hex and the city reminded me that almost all of us have forgotten the simple basics of Home Gardening. Home Gardening should be a KIS project. (Keep It Simple)

In today’s modern world growing a success Home Garden will not be a ‘Major’ source of food for your family year round. In past generations not having a successful Home Garden, canning and freezing it’s surplus could be the only thing standing between you and going to bed hungry.

Being a successful Home Gardener requires all of the 4 secret ingredients. (RSSS), Rain(water), Soil, Sun(light) and Seed. Whether you are planning to container garden, grow in raised bed(s) or plant directly in your garden, the requirements for success are the same, RSSS.

Tools that are ‘really’ needed are few. A shovel with a sharp edge and a strong handle, A steel garden rake (Not a Leaf rake) with a strong handle and a good quality, sharp hoe with a strong handle. Then you can start getting as time and money allows all those ‘nice’ to have gadgets and tools.

Many of us that blog about gardening, have forgotten that it only requires a ‘Few’ tools to be a successful gardener. Many of us have gotten lazy or simple due to being older can no longer till a larger garden plot using nothing but a shovel and rake. So, when we blog we are constantly talking about using all sorts of power tools in our garden. Buying compost and top soil to till into our garden dirt or to build raised beds. We tend to brag about how well our gas hog, 10 horse power $1500.00 dollar rotor-tiller tills our little garden plot. None of which are a requirement for a successful garden.

Now you have no excuse not to plant and grow a few fresh, healthy vegetables for your table.

Not from the USA Please leave me comment about your home town and country.

Why is Common Sense so Uncommon??
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  1. Awesome read, thank you!


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