DIY – Living Green Wall – You Can Do It – Really You Can – It’s Easy

With so many people in today’s economy living in apartments and rentals. Finding ways to live green, and finding ways to enjoying both flowering plants and growing fresh vegetables requires that you remember the six P’s. {{Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!}

Whether it be an indoor or outdoor vertical {trellis} planting, it is limited only by your imagination and construction skills.

A trellis may be as simple as a few pieces of string strung vertically for the plant to climb on or it can be very decorative. It’s purpose is still the same. Something that a vine of your choice can use to climb on producing a living vertical green wall.
Outdoor porch or patio in their simplest form is a box, usually made of wood with an attached trellis. Commonly potted plants are sit in the box to ‘hide’ the pots and grown vertically on a wood or plastic lattes of some kind.

Morning Glories and Moon vines are good choices for flowering green wall plantings. Cucumbers and Acorn squash work well for eatable vegetables and many of the decorative gourd vines are very useful for green walls.

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4 responses to “DIY – Living Green Wall – You Can Do It – Really You Can – It’s Easy

  1. I love your “6 P’s”! I’m trying to remember that motto as we head into a new growing season — only my second year with a garden.
    I perked up when you mentioned decorative gourds. I tried those last year, but was a classic example of NOT following the 6 P’s and it was a dismal failure. I planned on growing them off the ground this year and I might just try it this way. Do you grow gourds? Any posts you can direct me to?


    • Re: Purple Pixie in Dixie

      Thanks for finding time to visit may little blog.

      Mostly the only gourds I grow is luffa gourds {squash} and dipper gourds that I some times use as bird houses. My dog fence is made from heavy steel often called Goat or Gate panels (4 ft tall – 20 ft long) and work well for a trellis to grow gourds and morning glories on using the fence as a trellis. You may want to look at: Growing Gourds for a lot of useful information on ‘How To’ grow gourds. Good Luca and Happy Gardening ~~Pobept


  2. Hi, I’m from Canberra, Australia, but currently in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. I would love to tackle some vertical gardening – I am planning on doing some training of fruit trees along the fence behind my vegetable garden…. wish me luck!


    • Re: howdoesmyvegetablegardengrow

      Hi Grinning…Good Luck on your vertical experment(s).
      Thanks for finding time to visit my humble little blog.
      I always grow my cucumbers and tomato’s on a trellis.
      It’s easy to tie them up and train them to climb a trellis.
      This is a real space saver and makes harvesting them really easy.


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