Plant Your Summer Garden In March – DIY Mini-Green House

If you are trying to protect a vegetable garden or large plants from freezing cold or frost, you can make a homemade cold frame. For small plants, it’s easier to make individual greenhouses to keep plants warm and prevent frost damage to their foliage. If you can’t bring a plant to a greenhouse, bring the greenhouse to the plant to keep it warm during a freeze. You can make homemade greenhouses to protect plants from cold using an item that’s found in virtually every house — soda water and milk bottles.

Empty plastic bottle for each plant that needs to be protected from frost or freezing cold temperatures. Large 2-liter soda, water or milk bottles can be used for larger plants, while smaller 20-oz. soda bottles can be used to cover small plants.

* Remove the caps and labels from the soda bottles.
* Rinse the bottles in a sink of water to eliminate soda residue.
* Carefully cut off the tapered {bottom} portion of the bottle using a utility knife or scissors.
* Place the bottle over the plant and sink the edges into the soil, use mulch around the base of your mini-green house protect the plants from the cold and to secure the bottle in place protecting your plant. During the day, sunlight will heat the greenhouse and the bottle will retain the heat, keeping the plant warm during cold nights.

Source Documents ehow home – gardening and plants

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14 responses to “Plant Your Summer Garden In March – DIY Mini-Green House

  1. excellent idea, as well as the one at the other site. always on the lookout for good ways to keep the plants growing


  2. What a fabulous idea! Thanks so much for posting this.


  3. That’s a great idea!!! Thanks!!


  4. Congrats and thank you for making gardening seem so accessible and less intimitating! I am passing along the Versatile Blogger Award on to YOU! I hope to start with a window sill herb garden this week!


    • Thank so much of the the Versatile Blogger Award and finding tome to visit my humble little blog.
      I hope you find some of my postings useful.


      • Oh, I do! You keep things short, sweet and to the point – love that. Still a little intimidated (isn’t that silly?!) but we’ll start our humble little indoor garden soon!


  5. What a great idea. I love this. Will try this as well. Thanks for sharing!


  6. This is the perfect way to protect your plants, not only from the cold spells, but also from those pesky veg munching slugs and snails.


  7. Thank you! I have seedlings in my window sill that really need to go into the ground. They’re lookin’ a bit pale. Can’t wait to try giving them their own personal green houses.


  8. I love this easy solution! I don’t have anything in the ground right now, but I will very soon, and the ol’ bottle trick will come in real handy!


  9. I agree, this is really great. I’m re-blogging it for our folks in Bend since we are desperately in need of tips like this to extend our season. I posted on cold frames last night and this will be a great complement. Thank You.


  10. I’m planning on starting my cauliflower buckets this week. They will love this!


  11. I love this. I need a garden SO bad..but always fear the colder weather in my state will harm my goodies.


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