Bath your Vegetable Garden Weekly For Safe And Easy Insect Control

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Here is a informative video on using soap and oils to control insects in your garden.
Controlling Insects with Soaps and Oils{Video}
Oils are generally reserved for use on trees and bushes where as soap’s are better suited for use on garden vegetable crops.

Not all soap is created equal for soap to most effective it must contain Detergent. Many of the dish washing soaps no longer contain detergent and are far less effective in cleaning grease off dishes and pans and killing / removing insects from your garden plants. I use Blue dawn dish soap. Read the label carefully before investing your time and effort in treating you garden for insect pest by soap washing.

Not only will soap wash away and kill many garden pest it will also help your soil absorb water more effectively by breaking down soil surface tension allowing water to penetrate your soil with less wasted water run off. I have found that using 1/4 cup of Blue Dawn dish per gallon of water works very well in insect control.

Whether you use a simple soapy water spray or a commercial store bought insecticide, Always carefully wash all garden vegetables under cool running water before feeding them to your family.

Colorado State University has a good fact sheet on using soap for insect control. Insect Control: Soaps and Detergents

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8 responses to “Bath your Vegetable Garden Weekly For Safe And Easy Insect Control

  1. Do not use dawn it isn’t good for your plants


  2. I just tried this to get rid of squash bugs that were all over my very small squash plants. (I can’t believe they found them so fast because they just sprouted in the last week or two!) The bugs were dead within seconds of me spraying them with this mix of Dawn dish detergent and water! I’m so excited!!! They had already sucked the life out of a few of the new leaves, so some of the smallest plants may not recover but most of them will. What a great tip! Thanks!!!

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  3. I saw you liked my post on insect soap. I normally do just use dish soap, but since I am growing so early this year and the pests are ATTACKING already – I stepped it up and bought something off the shelf. I have some neem oil extract ready to go for when the sun goes down tonight too – provided the winds dont kick up too much!

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  4. Thanks for this. I have a balcony and can’t believe the lovely green pest are already back. I tried soap last year but the results wasn’t spectacular. I did not know about detergent, will look for the right soap now 😉


  5. Using Dawn on the plants is much more fun than doing the dishes anyway! 🙂

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  6. I have used soap for a number of years in my garden because I don’t want to put poison on my food or into the food chain. It is important not to make it too strong or the tender shoots shrivel up, make it weaker rather than stronger if it is the first time you have used soap.
    Another reason to use soap instead of poison is it spares the hoverflies and ladybirds and their larvae do their job.


  7. This is great. I try to keep my garden as organic as possible. Do you think a natural dishwashing soap would work as effectively?

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  8. Thanks for sharing these tips:) We have a garden in the backyard, and we are always looking for other safe solutions for our vegetables. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

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