DIY – Freezing Whole – Excess – Garden Fresh Tomato’s

Here’s a neat DIY time saving easy way to preserve excess tomato’s from you home garden. It’s fast and it’s easy as well.
Visit and Read original post at: Freezing whole tomatoes Photograph from lightlycrunchy blog.
Heidi at lightlycrunchy blog said “washed them off, threw them in freezer baggies and freeze them whole. When you want to use them, just run a few under warm water and the skin slides right off. They are ready to use in soups, stews or sauces. Anything that calls for canned tomatoes, really. These are definitely not like fresh tomatoes – you won’t slice them or add them to a salad after freezing, but they retain their flavor and color and are good for cooking.”

Nothing could be easier than freezing excess tomato’s for later use in sauces, stews, soup and in making home made chili!

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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7 responses to “DIY – Freezing Whole – Excess – Garden Fresh Tomato’s

  1. Nice tip – I’ve always made up sauces to freeze whenever there is an excess of tomatoes going around (whether or not from my garden). I like this idea of freezing them whole. I’ll be doing this regularly from now on!


  2. Just what I love–practical and delicious and EASY, all rolled up together!!


  3. Never thought of freezing tomatoes.. thanks for the tip..


  4. Wow, thanks for re-posting this! I’m still new to this. You brought some more traffic my way. Love your site.


  5. I did freeze cherry tomatoes from last year’s harvest (just two jars worth, and they’re still in there.) Didn’t think to try it with the larger ones, but I will try that this year!


  6. Linda reminded me that we have done this before. Her reservation was the amount of freezer space we used (we now have two 15 cf deep freezers). We do something similar with berries of all sorts. We put up about 8 gallons of blueberries, black berries, wineberries, and raspberries this past summer. We are just finishing off the last bag. They are great in yogurt, along with other thawed fruit.


  7. Sometimes it’s hard to see the obvious… 🙂
    Really helpful tip for using the freezer! Thanks a lot!


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