Garden Planting By Moon Phase

The long and the short of Garden Planting based on moon phases. Plant top vegetable producing seed in the ‘Dark’ phase of the moon cycle. Plant your root crops in the ‘Light’ phase cycle of the moon.

Moon phase gardening:
The belief in moon planting or farming by the phases of the moon is an ancient system of agriculture. It is alluded to by folklore that has passed down to us through the centuries. Greek and Roman writers have written on the subject and it has remained a standard method for planting and growing crops up to the present.

Plant above ground crops during a waxing moon
Waxing moon phases (increasing brightness)The two main tenets of moon planting are that plants that produce the eaten or desired part above ground should be planted in the waxing moon (the period of increasing light between a new and full moon).

Plant below ground crops when the moon is waning
Waning moon phases (decreasing brightness)Plants which produce the eaten or desired part below ground (root crops, flowers grown especially for bulbs or tubers) should be planted in the waning moon (the period of decreasing light after the full moon and before the next new moon).

Now for us average ‘Normal’ people, well as normal as home gardeners get. Follow the instructions on your seed package. Plant after your last average spring frost date.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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