DIY – How To Poison Your Family With Supermarket Foods – It’s Fast And Easy

Contrary to what factory efficient {insert Big Food Corporation Name here} tells you, or what your local supermarket wants you to think. Fruits and vegetables are not prepackaged to benefit You the Consumer.

It is to allow producers and supermarkets to retain on market displays ‘old’ produce for a much longer time. These packages prevent consumers from being able to feel or smell fruits and vegetables before being purchased.

Prepackaged fruits, vegetables and salad greens are packaged in containers that are a perfect place to grow bacteria such as E coli and Salmonella.

Before you buy your next prepackaged bag of salad greens, tomato’s, carrots or celery, ask yourself one simple question. Is the convenience of buying prepackaged fruits and vegetables worth the risk of sicking my family with bacteria infections?

If after knowing the risk associated with prepackaged fruits and vegetables you still insist on purchasing these products, at least use a bit of common sense before serving them.

Carefully wash all fruits and vegetables under cold running water to remove dirt and surface bacteria, pesticides and fungicides used by producers. When steaming or boiling vegetables, insure that they reach a temperature of at least 160 degrees. This is the temperature needed to kill bacteria. Quickly cool vegetables in ice water to stop cooking action and retain more of their color and nutritional value.

Remember, You are the last line of defense between your family and a possibly deadly bacteria infection!


3 responses to “DIY – How To Poison Your Family With Supermarket Foods – It’s Fast And Easy

  1. Not only is is fast and easy to poison your family with supermarket foods, you get to pay extra for the privilege!


  2. catchy title! albeit a bit alarming, but then so is E.coli on spinach. I’ve also read that meats packaged on foam trays with plastic wrap may be packed under carbon monoxide because the meat stays pink longer… yummy… so glad we grow our own!


    • I think it’s fairly common now days to find supermarket red meats that have been with CO2 to keep the meat no matter how old it is all pretty and bright red. Grin, and that also what they add to your soda to make it all bubbly!


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