Super Bowl XLVI Sunday – My Rant – Back to gardening on my next posting

What: Super Bowl XLVI
When: 2330 GMT, 1830 EST, 1730 CST, 1630 MST, and 1530 PST, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Advertising cost in 2012 is $7,000,000.00 that’s right $7 million dollars per minute. Who do you think is paying for these $7 million dollar advertisements? You are, the consumer. Your paying for these out of this world over priced advertisements for company’s like Honda, Volkswagen, Coke Cola, Pepsi and Budweiser.

Just Think what 1 (one) minutes advertising dollars could do to help Feed, House and Cloth Americas needy. The homeless, the hungry, the old people and Americas children. 7 million dollars will buy a lot of potato’s, beans, pasta and bread.

Ferris Bueller and the death of the Super Bowl ad

An estimated 111 million people will be watching Super Bowl XLVI. There will be over 220 million wasted man hours on Super Bowl Sunday. That equals 27,500,000 (27.5) million 8 hour work days Wasted on Super Bowl Sunday!

Just think what Americans could accomplish to help Americas hungry, homeless, old and it’s children if we as Americans were to invest 220 million man hours just 1 day a year in public service helping Americas needy families and children!

Here’s an Idea! What if every American Super Bowl viewer donated $1.00, one dollar for every hour wasted setting in front of a TV set on Super Bowl Sunday, to a charity of their choice? Or better yet to their local food bank. $1.00 that’s less than you will spend on 2 bottles of beer or soda and ‘Much’ less than you will spend for a cup of Starbucks over priced coffee! Think about all the good that would come from such an out pouring of good will to help Americas needy.

Why is common sense So Uncommon?
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