Homemade Pickled Vegetables – Easier Than You Think!

A How To Video is worth a thousand words and better than a bunch of How to do it yourself pictures.

Simple – Easy – Basic How To make Refrigerator Pickles {Video clip}

Refrigerator pickles a no cook, no boiling water bath preparation for any vegetable that you wish to pickle from Asparagus to Zucchini. One I like very much is fresh homemade Salsa. The most common vegetables used in refrigerator pickling is cucumbers, beet roots, Okra, mild and hot peppers, however you can pickle almost any vegetable that you and your family like to eat. A really good tasting and good for you snack food.

For a change in flavors try adding a few carrot slices, red and white onion rings, whole garlic clove, pepper corns, mustard seed and whole clove. Mild or hot green, yellow and red chili peppers will add color and a taste of the southwest to your refrigerator pickled vegetables.

Refrigerator style pickled vegetables will keep well under refrigeration for several months.
Long term storage not under refrigeration, Home Canning, requires pretreatment (Pressure canned) and or a post treatment of 15 to 20 minute boiling water bath of your vegetables to allow long term pantry storage of your home canned vegetables.

**Hint: Use a prepared pickling spice mix in your vinegar, heat to boiling and fill jar(s) to with in 1/2 inch of the top before sealing jars.

Basic Salt Brine method for making pickles {Video clip}

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