2012 – New Chicks – Your Brooder and Coop

McMurray hatchery
McMurray hatchery Blog
I am not affiliated with nor do I recommend one hatchery over another. But with that said McMurray hatchery and their blog will provide you with a wonderful guide to different breeds and a very nice set of pictures to help you decide what breed(s) you would like to raise.
First things first. Before you order or buy chicks, have your brooder setup and ready for your new chicks.
Brooding and growing chicks University of Missouri Extension. Has an excellent fact sheet about brooding your new chicks.

If you are going to have a small number of chicks a homemade/improvised brooder may be all that you need. I have seen many things recycled into brooders. Everything from old aquariums, plastic and card board box and made from scratch wood brooders and wire. They all have one thing in common, they keep your chicks confined to a rather small area where you can provide a heat source to keep them warm and dry.

Hint: Wire in a light dimmer switch to your heat lamp. Use this to control your heat source for your brooder.

DIY Hatching Eggs

First Came The Egg Then Chicks!

Free Chicken Coop Plans and Brooder Designs And Plans

Why is common sense so uncommon?


2 responses to “2012 – New Chicks – Your Brooder and Coop

  1. Just got my 1st McMurtry hatchery catalog and am working on plans to begin raising chickens this spring . Thanks for posting all the very useful advice on chickens on your blog- I Am enjoying reading it!


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