Consumers Should Know, Understand And Pay The ‘Real’ Cost Of Producing Food

Groups Urge Super Committee to Keep Dairy Farmers Off New Federal Teat
U.S. Government (Tax Payers) subsidizing agricultural, to include diaries (milk producers) Is Not a Viable Solution! Conservative groups wrote that artificially inflating milk prices through subsidies “will ratchet up budgetary pressures on the government’s budget deficit as well as food and nutrition programs.”

Elected officials should seek to eliminate, not exacerbate, unnecessary spending,” they wrote. Dairy Market Stabilization Program (DMSP) cannot be fixed and should be rejected. Programs like the DMSP have no place in any bill, and particularly not in a bill to get our country’s fiscal house in order.”

Dairy Product Price Support Program (DPPSP) and the Milk Income Loss Contract Program (MILC) and bulk up an insurance like program in which the government (U.S. Tax Payers) pays farmers when milk profits become too slim. {If dairy farmers can not compete in a open and free market place they (dairy farmers) should be allowed to fail and get out of the milk producing industry.}

Each year, the USDA (Using American Tax Payer Money) supports the prices for dairy products by purchasing cheddar cheese, butter and nonfat dry milk that is then used in several food subsidy programs, including school lunches and military and veterans’ hospitals, or resold on the commercial market. Before the 2009 crisis, the USDA spent more than $2.5 billion over five years on the MILC. American milk consumers, Tax Payers, mostly the working poor, compensates dairy farmers when milk prices dip below a certain level, (forcing consumers to pay more for milk and milk products) according to the Congressional Research Service.


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