People Food – Poultry And Livestock Feeds Are ‘Still’ Rising

A well planned and maintained small family garden may soon be the only thing between your families mouth and a empty belly! Feeding your family fresh good tasting and good for you fruits and vegetables from you garden 5 or 6 months a year can save you and your bank account hundreds of dollars a year. Savings on your garden fresh vegetables alone can easily add up to $50 dollars or more every month.

market checkout
Stagnate hourly wage base, many people are now working fewer hours every month, overtime hours being cut and eliminated by employers. Monthly income at best is no more that 2009/2010. In many cases monthly income has fallen and in some cases it has fallen by as much as 20 percent. Add to your stagnate or even decreasing pay check, city, state and federal taxes both new and increased rates, rising cost of home rental, natural gas, fuel oil, electric and water service and other city services like trash collection and sewerage charges, the average Americans ‘Real’ cost of living is up 20 or 25 percent and in some cash strapped cities and states this cost can be closer to 30 or 35 percent.

Be an informed, educated consumer. Look at the last 3 lines of your supermarket cash register receipt. Sub-total is the real cost of your food purchases, Tax is the amount being taken out of your pocket by city, county and stare sales taxes, lastly look at your real out of pocket food purchase cost the grand total.

Developing and carefully following a good gardening plan can extend your gardens production of vegetables well into Fall and Winter months. Many cool weather vegetables grow and produce well in the Fall and warmer parts of early Winter. Many root crops will continue to grow and can be over wintered in your garden with a few cheap and easy to do things, like covering them with a thick layer of mulch (grass hay and such) before your first ‘Hard’ freeze of the year.

Vegetables like cabbage, kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower not only grow well in cooler weather but may benefit from cooler weather growing conditions. Root crops like beetroot, carrots, turnip, and parsnips will grow and can be over wintered in your garden by covering them with grass hay mulch before your first hard freeze.

Your small polarity flock is costing an arm and a leg to feed. As we move from summer into fall and Winter there will be less free range forage for your flock to eat. It’s time to cull your flock and put those ‘Old hens’ and roosters in your freezer. In my area, chicken Lay Mash(egg crumbles) is now $31.00 for 100 pounds, crushed corn and corn chops $22.50 and Hen scratch a whopping $32.50 for a 100 pounds. Livestock feed is no better, supplemental range cubes, $18.00 a hundred, fair quality grass hay is costing $125.00 for a 1,000 pound round bail.

Businesses are still making large lay offs in workers, moving more jobs overseas to countries will abundant labor forces that are willing to work and produce products saving business billions of dollars in over inflated hourly wages, unrealistic retirement plans and medical benefits, mostly caused by unions and union paid leaders. Rising retirement plan obligations and Medical Insurance plans are forcing City, state and federal governments to reduce it’s payrolls, and to cut services to meet it’s actual revenue income to avoid financial failure and bankruptcy.

Contrary to what Obama and his White House staff are saying publicly, the economy is not getting better. The official unemployment rate is still stuck at 9.1 percent. Total jobless receiving unemployment benefits and those that no longer qualify for benefits is 16+ percent. More Americans are receiving food stamps than any time in Americas history, More are receiving Social Welfare checks than ever. At some point the number of takers will out number the number of Tax Payers Cities, states and federal governments will start to fail. Unlike Greece, Spain and Portugal in Europe being bailed out by the European Center Bank and International Monetary Fund (20 percent funded with U.S. Tax payer money). Who will bailout U.S. cities, states and our U.S. federal government??

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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