Sand Hill Cranes, Geese and Chicken Coop’s

Summer has given way to falls cooler temperatures and a burst of color, at least most places! Today has had a feel of fall in the air. Cooler weather, the air has a feel of dampness..

Long before first light I could hear the call of wild geese each carefully following the one ahead. In the far distance I could hear the Sand hill Cranes calling. Cranes flying much higher than the flocks of Canadian geese. This is always a sure sign that a cold blast is not far away.

Gardeners in their hast and busy schedule often fail to truly listen to all the fading sounds of summer and fall as winters cold winds approach. Don’t miss out on this once a year event. Stop look and listen, tune out all the sounds of our modern world and listen to what nature is telling you.

Chicken poop, nothing but the poop. Now is a good time to get all that old litter and manure out of your chicken coop/hen house, floors, nest boxes and roosting areas. Spread lightly on your garden plot and till it in or pile it on your compost pile. As the nights get longer your chickens will spend more time in there coop. It is a good idea to sanitize your coop and spray or dust for mite control.

Close the door and cover all windows, look for places you can see light entering your coop. Use wood trim to close all these holes that will allow the cold winds, rain and snow to enter your coop this winter. Don’t use calk or spray foam, your chickens will peck at and eat calk and spray foam. Cold weather will send every mouse and rat within 1000 feet to seek winter shelter in and under your chicken coop. Put out mouse/rat bait now. Insure the bait is in a place that your chickens flock can not gain access to the bait.

Build or buy enough feeders and freeze proof Waters dispensers to keep you flock supplied with fresh feed and water. Raise feeders and waters off the floor high enough that your chickens need to reach high to access feed. This will help to keep them from wasting feed or pooping in their water containers.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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