Rabbit Hutches and Rabbit Cages

Rabbit manure is a great addition to your compost pile. When properly handled, it has very little ‘manure smell, it will compost well and is an almost perfect garden fertilizer.

However before you can get rabbit manure your must first have a rabbit. Wait! Before you run out and get a few rabbits, you must decide just exactly what you plan to do with your new animal(s). Will it {they} be pets? Or it/they be used to supplement your dinning table with a delicious renewable meat source. [They do breed like ‘rabbits’]

First things first. you must have rabbit cages or better yet a rabbit hutch. Rabbit cages are generally built from welder wire or hail screen (Utility wire) and are protected from the weather by a small building. Rabbit hutches are most often made of wood with welded wire bottoms with a wire front and may be placed in a building or in your backyard.

Rabbits can withstand extremely cold conditions if provided a well balanced feed ration and fresh water and given some wind, rain and snow protection. However rabbits can easily become overheated and die in summers hot weather. Special care must be taken to care for your rabbits health in both winter and summer.

DIY Rabbit Hutch Plan

DIY backyard Rabbit hutch plans

Bass – Rabbit cages and supplies

Basic Raising, Housing, Breeding Rabbits

Rabbits are easy to raise and have few medical or disease problems. However as with any live animal project, do your home work before making any animal purchase. Have all the cages, hutches, food and watering devices on hand before you bring that animal home.

**Note: Chickens can be raised and do well in the same size and types of hutches and cages used for rabbits. Grinning, of course a chicken is not as cute and pet-able as a rabbit!

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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