UK Suffering Drought Conditions – Gardeners and Farmers To Conserve Water


BBC Drought Report

UK – Wales and northern Europe suffering drought conditions is not what you think of when you think about UK and Northern Europe.

Last year Russia suffered a unusually long drought devastating Russia’s wheat crops. Closing Russia’s export programs and causing food grains and grain products like flour and bread to skyrocket in price at local markets.

A long lasting UK and European drought will stress food grain and vegetables produced by both farmers and home gardeners leading to reduced yields. Additional irrigation required to produce a crop will drive a rise in market food cost and stress already hard pressed consumers at the checkout stand.

UK-Wales drought map

Parts of England are officially in a drought following a dry spring, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said. Areas of East Anglia are in drought, with parts of the Midlands, South West and South East in a “near-drought” conditions. Severn Trent Water says there may be water use restrictions if rainfall stays low.

The British Retail Consortium said dry weather had created more pressure on food prices. Southeast and central southern regions of England have had their driest spring on record. Across England and Wales it has been the driest spring since 1990, prompting Environment Agencies to issue advice on how best to reduce water use and conserve water. Large areas of northern Europe are facing drought after one of the driest European springs on record.

Low levels of water are causing considerable problems for farmers, with crop yields being hit. In parts of the Fens, some farmers and growers have volunteered to irrigate only at night to reduce evaporation, and co-operatives have formed to share limited amounts of water available. Bewl Water near Lamberhurst, Kent Bewl Water in Kent is at 80% of its capacity after some areas of the UK saw just 4mm of rain in May.


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