Garden Views – Cell Towers A Blight On The American Landscape

That’s Right! Dogs woke me early again this morning, however, they allowed me to sleep in until 4am today. Dogs are out doing dog stuff. I have opened all the windows {wind is down to about 8 mph} to air out my Tiny House and I can hear my bantam rooster crowing wanting me to come open the chicken-coop door so he can do rooster things to my hens. Out of the darkness I can hear a goose honking calling to his flock {consisting of him and one more goose} and if I strain my less than perfect hearing, I can occasionally hear my {2 Indian Runner-drake} ducks very low pitched quacking.

My TV station weather person say’s it will be light 15 mph southeast wind today and we will not top the 100%F mark. That will give me and my squash vines a much need break from the hot, dry west winds we have been enduring for much of the past 7-10 days. With the wind shifting from southwest to southeast I no longer smell smoke in the air from the big fire in Arizona.

Now my rant about cell tower eye sores. In the past year cell phone service providers have screwed up my vision of the night sky. There are now 2 towers north of me and 2 south of me that have those blasted bright unsightly strobe lights flashing dusk till dawn! Cell companies construct the towers at 200 feet tall to avoid having to get approval from Federal Communications Commission [FCC] or the Federal Aviation Administration [FAA] for their construction and to avoid restrictions to where they can be located.

Grin, not owning a cell phone and not believing that if I miss a call the world as we know it will end, I find this ever increasing number of cell towers to be an eye sore and a blight on our society. News Flash: Contrary to what most people [cell phone owners]think, missing a call will not cause a societal collapse. The real truth is you just are not that important! Get over it and get a ‘real’ life.

6.20am, sunrise, while it’s still cool, I am going out feed and water my animal farms odd collection of chickens, turkey’s, ducks, geese, rabbits and refill wild bird feeders. While I’m at it I will harvest a few squash, onions, radishes and maybe a fresh beet or two.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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4 responses to “Garden Views – Cell Towers A Blight On The American Landscape

  1. Thanks for your thoughts on Brandywine tomatoes. I’ll just have to experiment abit to see what works best in this climate. Beefsteak tomatoes are the most popular but not my favourite as I like a less ‘mealy’ tomato.

    I’m sorry about the loss of your donut shop. They are nice treats but not esential to life … smile …

    You don’t meet many people who have let go of both their TV and their phone service. I am working towards going totally off grid. I have lived without TV and only had a landline for emergencies when I was in Europe … where each call costs alot … and you are right about having so much more time in your day … and much less stress ….

    Lasqueti Island, one of the coastal Gulf Islands here, has an off-grid community and only a passenger ferry some days a week.. Anything larger comes by barge. It is looking way more attractive given all the bills for services I don’t use and the increasing restrictions on this rural area that I live in now. I think not being able to have the goat was the final strawl … smile …

    Although we have had lots of sunshine these last two weeks, I’m still sending you this morning’s rain … not much in volume but we are tired of the grey sky … smile …. S.


    • Just for the record – Michelle my daughter lives only a hop skip and jump from my front door. In the event I ‘really’ need to i can use here phone. She or Ronny my son-n-law, [Grin} checks on me twice a day if they don’t see me out and about once in a while.

      No matter what it’s origin, a fresh vine picked tomato is always a delight to feast on.

      It’;s 105%F (40.5%C) at 7.30pm with a 20mph southwest wind.
      My evaporation rate is calculated to be 19mm every 24 hours.
      Watering the garden is almost a wasted effort.
      Happy Gardening


  2. You have had such an adventurous week. I felt sorry for the rabbit. Its heart must have stopped at the sight of the three of you.

    I am jealous that you are able to pick squash in your garden already. I have to be satisfied with rhubarb, leaf lettuce, some herbs and some sorrel. So I have to resort to other measures …

    Strange day … cold stormy morning … went to the Errington Market anyway … got my usual terrific tomatoes, cucumber and bag of mixed greens .. grown in greenhouses given our Pacific rainforest climate … had a coffee & cinnamon bun standing under the shelter listening to a couple of old guys strum country on their guitars … also bought two heritage tomato plants … Amish from 1880’s called Brandywine … hope they do well. I will also try to save some seeds… seems such an un-Amish name … do you know these tomatoes? …

    This afternoon was hot, muggy … I planted the tomatoes and worked on other things in the garden … but what I really was stopping by to say is that I am with you on the cell phone towers … what a blot on your landscape~!!! … At the risk of sounding prehistoric … life was just fine before cell phones … so much less stressful … no one owned my every minute … smile … S.


    • Both my grand mother and great grand mother grew Brandywine tomato’s. As I recall they were a large tomato but did not take to our hot dry summers well.
      Some say it originated from Amish farmers, others say this is not so. It seem Brandwine’s organ is a bit murky.
      Burpee and other mail order seed sellers were carrying it in their catalogue as early as 1886.

      Grinning, I pulled the plug on landline and cell phone over 5 years ago when it was time to renew my service contract, next I did away with my TV when everything went digital.
      I am amazed at all the ‘extra’ time I now have when I’m not tethered to a TV set or telephone.

      With the death of WG Wright, our last local donut pastry shop closed several years ago. Now the only thing that can be had is trucked in [every other] day from Oklahoma City.

      I will keep my fingers crossed for me to get rain and that you don’t!


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