Cow In My Garden or Porch Cow Who Needs Them!

Longhorn bull and Holstein steer

Grinning, dogs woke me at 3.30am! After a lot of grumbling {me not the dogs} I got up and opened the door to put the dogs out. Ahhhhhh-Crap, I was face to face with two 800 pound Holstein steers! I think one of them wanted in for a drink of water and the other was eyeballing my poor squash vines. After a quick fist to his nose, #36 backed off the porch and both of them {#108 and #36} moseyed down the driveway towards the north gate, disappearing into the almost moonless early morning darkness.

Now I know what my mission is today. Walk the fences until I find the spot that these steers are crawling the fence to get out of their pasture. Now all I need to do is find the fence stretcher, wire pliers and a roll of four barb, barb wire. Maybe a T-post or two as well.

While I’m thinking about it, we got our pigs back from the meat processing facility Monday. They did a much better job on curing the hams and bacon that that other place we used last time. I think Michelle L said that the pigs processed out at about 250 pounds {115kg). That will keep us in fresh meat {I hope} until we send #108 to be processed in September or October.

These steers have been on grass pasture for about 18 or so months requiring very little supplemental feed so the total cost after processing will be about $1.25 a pound (1/2 kg). It will be a welcome addition to our freezer just before the onset of winter and all the holidays. Grin, in Oklahoma and Texas Thanksgiving day, and Christmas dinner is just as likely to be a BBQ brisket or slab of ribs as it is to be Turkey or Ham.

Off to town I go. Need to pickup 2 sacks of rabbit \ turkey feed and a sack of hen scratch for the chickens. Don’t ask, I have 3 turkey that think they are rabbits and won’t eat corn chops or hen scratch. They spent their first month on my Tiny Farm in a rabbit hutch sharing feed with my rabbits, now I am paying for my mistake my having to feed them rabbit feed. I guess that’s OK, it’s a well balanced feed made mostly from alfalfa and cost very little more than corn or hen scratch.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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