Tiny Farm – Tiny Gardens Newest Members Update

longhorn heifers

Longhorn heifers-6 months old

Tiny Farm update: I found a good looking Longhorn Heifer on Craigslist priced right. I managed to trick Michelle L into picking this heifer up after she got off work yesterday. Grin.. She is black with just a bit of white markings, {the heifer, not Michelle L} 6 months old, weights about 345 pounds.

EeeeK when Michelle L pulled in there were two (2) longhorn heifers in her trailer! Michelle L …Smile.. fell in love with a red longhorn heifer and decided she had to have her. She (red heifer) is 5 months old, just weaned, weighing about 300 pounds. They will make a great addition to her (Michelle L’s) small cow herd. Hehehe, Ronny’s black yearling longhorn bull, thinks the new heifers are great playmates. I think his hormones are over loading his brain!
longhorn bull-1 year old
Michelle L and Ronny also have 2 Holstein steers, #108 will be near 900 pounds by late September and will go to market. The other steer will not reach 900 pounds for another 9 to 12 months. {My} plan is to use the new heifers as replacement feeders for the steers. However, they will not reach butcher weight for another 18 to 20 months. I think Michelle L wants to keep one of the heifers as a breeder for Ronny’s longhorn bull.

After all is said and done, I will need to pickup one more feeder cow in the next 9 months or so. Michelle L and Ronny seem to have a thing for longhorns, however, I would like to find a good Hereford or Black Angus heifer cross with a Brahman bull as my next meat cow feeder investment.

Tiny Garden Update: To say gardening this year has been a challenge is a huge understatement. Yes, I know I’m whining about something out of my control, The Weather! It seems that Mother Nature has been conspiring against almost all gardeners this year. The Northwest Windshift69 tells me it is still wetter and cooler than normal. Southwest USA is facing dry to severe drought conditions, Mississippi river areas from Louisiana to Canada and East to the Atlantic and South into Florida have spent much of this spring fighting back flood waters.

I’m just thankful that I am a backyard Gardner and not one of the small, hardworking group of ‘real’ farmers that depend on making a good crop to pay off bank loans, house, cloth, feed and care for their families. Farmers only have one payday a year and that’s when they sell this years crops.

Yesterday was a picture perfect day, 80%F, almost no wind, so I planted a few giant sun flowers for my feathered friends to munch on this fall and into winter. I have 2 zucchini’s and 2 yellow squash that will be ready for picking this Saturday or Sunday. Radishes and beets are really beginning to grow, but the onions and garlic are still trying to recover from that last hail storm. I needed to re-seed my cucumbers but between tending new chicks, weeding, new longhorn heifers, I simply ran out of time.

Of course, today it’s back to 25+ mph winds and my weather guy says we may hit 96%F today, Saturday and Sunday with no signs of relief from our hot, dry Southwest winds. For the record: I was one of the lucky ones that was not in the path of a multi-tornado outbreak that occurred Tuesday evening and night. When talking tornado’s, if you get hit or missed is a simple lucky or unlucky event that can develop and end within minutes or last for hours!

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4 responses to “Tiny Farm – Tiny Gardens Newest Members Update

  1. Today was my ‘picture perfect’ day … day two of sunshine and temperatures in the low 60’s …
    I am sure the sun rises at 5:20 but I don’t until at least 6:30 … usually too dark, damp and cold for anything before that … smile …

    I am envying you your cucumbers and squash … I won’t get them for another month or so. They are available at the local Farmer’s Markets having been grown in greenhouses.
    I have a little leaf lettuce and some French sorrel along with herbs for my salads but otherwise nothing from the garden yet … except, rhubarb … perhaps a rhubarb strawberry pie coming on … smile … S.


  2. At the risk of whingeing about the weather … smile … at 147 days into 2011 we have had 84 days of rain so far … and every day next week comes with a forecast of 30% chance of rain. We have had c. 68mm/2.6 inches of rain so far in May which may not sound like alot but spread through the month it means that almost every day had 2mm-10mm [or more] of rain in it. It is also unseasonably cold with nightly lows below 10/50 and daily highs are often not more than 14/58. The daily highs should be at least 10 degrees higher.

    And the long range forecast says we are going to have a drought this summer.
    Thankfully weather is a universal experience for all human beings … so no matter what your climate or your geographical place in the world, discussing the weather brings us all closer. Mostly so we can say ‘thank goodness we don’t have what you have’ … smile …S.


    • Grinning, my weather guy said you are in for a heat wave and will suffer for 2 days reaching the 60-62% day time highs.
      Put your umbrella away, no rain for the next 36 hours ‘maybe’
      Is your sunup really at 5.20am?
      Planted cucumbers ‘again’ about dark last night, will pick a few for today’s lunch salad 🙂
      Happy warm, dry gardening day


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