Now Is The Time – Compost Natures Treat For Your Garden

dairy compost pile

Large compost pile

Spring weather has arrived in almost all parts on North America. It’s time to clean up the debris in your gardens and lawns. Some leftover from last fall that you never got around to moving or sending to the landfill before the first snows of winter. Some is damaged trees and bushes caused by last winters cold, rain and snow storms. No matter it’s source, it’s time to get that debris into a compost pile.

If your already composting, that’s a good thing. If not, You need to develop a plan to compost grass clippings, weeds, old garden plants and much of your kitchen waste. There are several methods to make compost:
(1) The old tried and true compost pile.
(2) Use a compost compost bin.
(3) Build a compost barrel or maybe
(4) Worm compost container system.
Only you can decide what method is best suited to you and your garden.

I‘m not going to retype information that is readily available from other sources. I am providing a few links to sites that walk you the modern day Do It Yourself-er through getting started in making your very own compost.

DIY: More information than most humans want to know about How and What to compost. Also has a good section on – How, When and Where to use your freshly home made compost.

University of Missouri Extension has a very useful publication fact sheet covering:
Selecting a compost method
# Wire-mesh holding unit
# Snow-fence holding unit
# Wood and wire three-bin turning unit
# Worm composting bin
# Heap composting
As well as information on constructing your composting unit.

Compost barrel

WikiHowhas detailed plans, instruction information and several photographs on a DIY barrel composter. It even has a short video to assist even a novice through building a compost barrel.

University of Illinois Has a free fact sheet for the new and old composters. Lots of useful information covering:
# Composting for the Homeowner
# Why Compost Yard Trimmings
# History of Composting
# Science of Composting
# Materials for Composting
# Composting Methods
# Building Your Compost Pile
# Benefits & Uses
# Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

compost bin

Small compost bin

What ever method you decide is best  for you to use, Now is the time to get started composting to add nice rich beneficial compost to your garden soil. Feed your garden to a compost treat of good compost and in return your garden will give you a lot of fresh and healthy food.

Why is common sense so uncommon?
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